Letting Go of Perfectionism

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Perfectionism is a copying mechanism protecting us from rejection and criticism.

However, because it stems from a faulty belief system it prevents you to see yourself as you are – inherently worthy – and it prevents you to see your life for what it is – a never-ending journey you get to create day by day.

The thing with core beliefs is that they serve us as glasses through which we observe the world.

Beliefs like “I should be doing better”, “This isn´t happening fast enough”, “I need to be doing more”, “I´m a failure”, “I never get it right”, “It´ll never happen for me” keep you swinging between urgency and waiting. They keep you on a hamster wheel of internal pressure and overwhelm.

Letting go of perfectionism requires a paradigm shift.

The first step is releasing pressure and overwhelming expectations.

Healing starts when you realize that instead of doing more, you just get to BE YOU.

Becoming aware of our wholeness instead of trying to “fix“ ourselves is what allows us to experience peace, joy, and freedom.

When we take our power back from searching for relief in the outside world, we can finally come back home to ourselves.

You take your power back by doing the inner work first.

perfectionism and faulty beliefs

If we feel stuck in the endless cycle of triggers and if we let our emotions and perceptions drag us on the drama rollercoaster we´ll rarely fully experience the joy and peace that we all desire so much.

Staying neutral when dealing with a triggering situation is the key to your empowerment.

This process is not about trying hard or becoming the “better“ version of yourself. It´s about recognizing the old programming of lack, (self-)hate, and competition that stirs up fear.

Self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-validation are going to ease the inner pressure and resistance.

You can create results from perfectionism, but they´ll always fall short of your expectations.

There´s an easier way, which leads to much better results because you´re coming from completely different beliefs and, therefore, emotional state and energy.

You get to live your life from a place of being already enough and so everything you do just adds to your enjoyment of life. How would it feel to simply know your worth instead of trying to prove your worth?

When you learn to recognize and integrate the inner critic in a way that it no longer has power over your emotional state and decisions, you´ll be able to work with your empowered energies and you´ll intuitively know which step is going to bring you more joy and fulfillment.

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