Affirmations for Self-Soothing and Anxiety

We store a lot of tension in our minds and bodies, but when we´re stuck in the doing and fixing modes we often don’t realize it.

These reminders will help you to release the resistance that you´ve been holding onto and as you read them slowly they´ll allow you to relax your nervous system and melt away the resistance you didn’t even know was there.

affirmation for anxiety

When you’re working through patterns of thinking and being that are no longer serving you, it truly is OK to take time, backtrack a little bit, and create space around the conditioning/beliefs that are causing you stress and anxiety.

You´re not pushing through, but rather you´re letting go of patterns that are draining your well-being and your focus.

As you change how you feel about yourself and the experiences that you desire, you´ll be able to let in more possibilities and more flow without bumping against resistance. Resistance is a message that there’s a part of you that doesn’t feel safe or isn´t in alignment with your desires. Instead of pushing through it, I invite you to slow down and dissolve it by doing the inner work and paying attention to what’s causing you to live in frustration and distress.

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