How to Handle Uncomfortable Emotions

emotional triggers

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Creating awareness around your emotional state will help you to let go of the pressure you put on yourself.

One of the most beneficial things we can do for our nervous system and overall well-being is to go throughout our day being calm, open, and relaxed.

Which can sound like a mission impossible.

This is where the practice of noticing and dissolving our emotional triggers comes into the picture.

We can have difficulty identifying our emotions because we were:

🔸 made to think that our feelings don´t matter

🔸 made to fear expressing our emotions

🔸 made to feel guilty if our emotions were inconvenient for others

🔸 made to feel ashamed of certain emotions

emotional triggers
emotional triggers

When a situation is triggering a learned emotional reaction in us we can quickly spiral down into an emotionally charged state that doesn´t allow us to see the situation clearly. From an energetic point of view, you won´t be able to access new information, ideas, or opportunities.

Many people are living their lives feeling stressed, rushed, and closing themselves off to cultivating new emotions and more healthy relationships.

The key to navigating emotional triggers is instead of giving our power away and identifying with the trigger, starting to observe it:

🔸 how do I feel? Do I feel any sensations?

🔸 what do I observe in my thoughts, posture, and behavior?

🔸 how does my body feel?

Staying neutral and receptive allows us to be open to new possibilities, intuitive hints, and to save our energy and use it to create things that truly matter to us.

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