Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Maturity

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Becoming aware of our wholeness instead of trying to “fix“ ourselves is what allows us to experience peace, joy, and freedom.

When we take our power back from searching for relief in the outside world, we can finally come back home to ourselves.

You take your power back by doing the inner work first.

If we feel stuck in the endless cycle of triggers and if we let our emotions and perceptions drag us on the drama rollercoaster we´ll rarely fully experience the joy and peace that we all desire so much.

Staying neutral when dealing with a triggering situation is the key to your empowerment.

This process is not about trying hard or becoming the “better“ version of yourself. It´s about recognizing the old programming of lack, (self-)hate, and competition that stirs up fear.


emotional maturity

The process I guide you through is about becoming aware of uncomfortable feelings, accepting them without believing that they have power over you, and integrating the experience in a way that makes you more resilient, calm, and ready to choose joy over chaos and fear. That´s what we call emotional maturity.

Facing your inner resistance and fears is not a quick fix, the inner work becomes easier and more natural with time and practice.

When you feel triggered, I invite you to reframe it, and instead of beating yourself up for feeling down, see it as an opportunity to learn something new about yourself.

Remember that the uncomfortable feelings and triggers are a part of you so instead of getting rid of them, we´re creating a space where we can process them and then come back to a neutral place from which we can see and experience life with more ease and clarity.

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