Cultivating Inner Safety and Security: Inner Work

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Safety and security are the things a lot of us crave now more than ever.

It feels as if we´re collectively waiting for a time where it will be safe to breathe out with relief.

Many people are going through demanding life experiences right now and I want to take a moment here to acknowledge you if it feels like you´re rarely given time to breathe out in peace.

I personally believe that (self-)compassion, (self-)love, and (self-)acceptance are going to help us integrate the experiences we´re going through as a collective and as individuals without adding more anxiety and stress on top of it all.

I think that by now you understand that we literally can’t FORCE or make things happen in our lives, even though we give it our best shot.

If we don´t have the tools to navigate and reconcile our inner turmoils first, it will seem that the harder you try to make something happen the more you keep it at arm´s length.

inner work and security

So what can we do?

We can create a healthy inner environment that will have a ripple effect on our outer world.

Your inner environment allows you to breathe with relief even in the midst of a triggering situation because you know that you can always rely on your inner support system.

If we try to bypass our feelings and human experience with motivational techniques and with regurgitating spiritual anecdotes we are leaving a very important part of ourselves behind.

The part that is scared, anxious, and overwhelmed.

What we truly crave is a safe environment where we can express all of who we are without feeling ashamed of our human feelings and where we will feel accepted no matter what. We´re re-parenting ourselves so we can experience more wholeness and less fear.

The world needs more people and leaders who are no longer numbing out, getting defensive, ruling by fear and scarcity, and feeling overwhelmed.

If you don´t know where to start, (self-)compassion and (self-)acceptance always help me to ground myself.

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