Empath´s Survival Guide: Are You a People-Pleaser?

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It´s difficult to live a fulfilling joy-filled life when you are experiencing an undercurrent of anxiety and at the same time feeling responsible for the well-being of the whole world.

Being an unaware empath and people-pleasing go often hand in hand.

Because you´re so attuned to other people´s emotional states, it´s heartbreaking not to be able to help.

Moreover, empaths tend to gravitate to spiritual and LOA teachings that make them questions themselves even more. How did you attract people treating you like a doormat? Aren´t you vibing high-enough? Maybe it´s your karma this lifetime…

Any teaching, person, or technique that makes you feel miserable or makes you question your deservingness is in your life for one reason and one reason only – so you can anchor in your own self-worth more and so you can recognize what´s healthy and what´s not. And then stop leaking your energy on unhealthy relationship dynamics.

 You´ll come into wholeness with yourself by recognizing relationship patterns that are benefiting from your lack of boundaries. Once you let them go, you´ll instantly feel a sense of relief and you´ll be able to make space for more rewarding and nurturing experiences.

empath and coping strategies

I invite you to look if you:

  1. Feel the need to be hypervigilant and accommodate other people´s emotional states to the extent that it takes a toll on you, your energy, and your mental health.
  2. Feel the need to save others and pull them along.
  3. Ever disregard your own needs, wants, and desires.
  4. Feel uncomfortable asking for help and support or receiving from others.
  5. Often feel guilty when you don´t accommodate the requests of others or when you put your well-being first.

When you learn how a healthy relationship dynamic feels, it´ll be easier to spot when someone is benefiting from your kindness and emotionally blackmailing you. The inner work consists of integrating the feelings of safety, security, and support which will help you to stop over-compensating and you´ll finally be able to stay centered in your own power and well-being.

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