Are You Putting Your Life on Hold?

(Photo by Taylor Brandon on Unsplash)

If we don´t feel worthy of our desires we tend to unconsciously put our life on hold.

The ways in which we do that are subtle and often too close to home for us to notice.

Until you realize that they´re serving you as a protection mechanism you won´t be able to set yourself free.

I invite you to ask yourself if you ever:

  1. Wait for others to initiate the change or move along with you before stepping into who you want to be and what you want to do (waiting for prince charming to save you from the life you created)
  2. Second-guess yourself to the point that you´re paralyzed to take action or to listen to your intuition
  3. Get distracted by the drama-rollercoaster and forget to prioritize the things and values that are meaningful to YOU
  4. Wait for the approval of others instead of honoring your truth

Taking your power back and stepping into your own worth is the first step towards moving on with life without feeling like you´re leaving others behind.

4 ways you´re putting your life on hold

You´re truly not meant to sacrifice your own well-being to live a fulfilling life.

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