How to Make a Decision: Finding Clarity

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Have you set your vision on a goal, but later down the road you can´t force yourself to take the right action?

The reasons might be different, but we usually assign them to lack of time, lack of possibilities, laziness, fatigue, and so on.

However, resistance is always with us for a reason. And as you know – whatever we resist persists, therefore, the only way around the resistance is through.

Effective action is always aligned with all the parts of your being. Resistance is emerging as a signal that a part of you is not in alignment with the action you are about to take.

cognitive dissonance
cognitive dissonance: contradictory beliefs examples

Oftentimes mental blockages, or in other words main sources of resistance, come from societal conditioning.

We take on beliefs that are not ours and they contradict what we truly desire.

It´s as if there are multiple parts of you believing and wanting different things and they can´t accommodate each other which leads to an internal struggle and confusion.

Many women want to be in a committed relationship, but believe that all men cheat.

Maybe you want to start a business, but think that it´s too risky and you´re not smart enough.

Maybe you believe that to be in great shape you have to work out at least six times a week for an hour and you don´t have that much time.

If you´re feeling stuck in certain areas of your life or if you repeat the same pattern over and over again, then there are probably competing intentions creating a gap between where you are and where you´re headed.

When you have a desire (e.g. I want to be in a committed relationship) and a contradicting belief that´s supposed to protect you (it´s not safe to trust people), the protective belief is the one that wins.

The cure is to question everything that you have been taught or that you assumed was given as a non-negotiable truth.

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