The Importance of Self-Talk: Inner Critic

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Who are you going to listen to today?

Self-talk is simply said a pattern of thinking that we´ve learned and were conditioned to believe.

Living a fulfilling life starts with recognizing which pattern is healthy and beneficial for our overall well-being and which one is not.

🍁If your inner critic is not in check, he´ll prevent you from experiencing the ease, flow, and growth you secretly desire.🍁

When we are not familiar with the supportive and encouraging inner voice we tend to swing either to blaming and pointing fingers at others or criticizing ourselves.

Self-talk is about more than just our thoughts. Our thoughts are a starting point for our



✔️and, therefore, the overall quality of our life.

Only once you practice letting go of the old conditioning, you gain access to new insights and intuition that will lead you to your desires. The essential part is learning to recognize the voices of BLAMER and CRITIC and then leaning towards your inner SUPPORTER.

inner critic
Self-Talk and Inner critic

The wounded energies often show up as BLAMER who tends to point fingers, refuse responsibility, and who keeps us stuck.

On the other hand, inner critic shows up as the bully whose expectations of you are too high, is afraid of failing, and makes you feel not good enough.

The path of taking our power back and healing the triggers starts with inner supportive voice that is able to release the inner resistance in form of conflicting beliefs or fear of failure.

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