Is Low Self-Worth Holding You Back?

(Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash)

How to know if low self-worth is holding you back?

I´m bringing this subject up because as you´ve probably heard hundreds of times,

feeling worthy and deserving of success and fulfillment is the very foundation your life is built on.

“I have low self-worth!“ said no one with low self-worth ever.

Instead, you say that it´s probably not the right timing, there are people more talented /charismatic/ prettier than you, or that you are doing something wrong and you should try harder.


Because the belief that we are not worthy of what we want and nothing good can ever happen to us was usually instilled into our little minds sooner than we got the chance to realize it.

And now it seems that that´s simply how life works.

But what is really happening is that you dismiss yourself before anyone else could.

So how to make the unconscious conscious and how to start shifting it?

If you feel triggered, frightened, or uncomfortable when you are:

1. Taking up space

2. Voicing your needs and wants

3. Being seen

4. Receiving (anything from money to affection)

5. Not overcompensating or saving others

6. Not performing according to your internalized standards of perfection

…then there is a part of you that still thinks you´re simply not worth it.

We shift it by becoming aware of every time a trigger comes up.

Instead of dismissing it, realize that it is a pattern and the same way you´ve learned to restrict yourself,

you can set yourself free.

You´re as worthy of taking up space as anyone else.

Everyone has needs and wants and you can´t ignore them without becoming frustrated or bitter.

Witnessing each other is a privilege.

If you don´t receive, someone else doesn´t get a chance to give.

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