Emotional healing: Wounded Feminine Voice

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The voices of the wounded feminine are not always easy to recongize, if we don´t know what we´re looking for:

‘It´s easy for her, but not for me.’

‘It never works out.’

‘What if I´m wrong?’

‘There´s something wrong with me.’

‘I´ll never have what I want.’

This voice is running on repeat in our minds.

We´re so used to it that it doesn´t even occur to us to question it. Is it truly you? Or is it your conditioning speaking to you through the wounded feminine voice?

We assume that this kind of thinking is normal. However, any belief that carries an emotional charge in form of fear, anxiety, or anger is a wound that needs our attention and healing.

These are not just beliefs. This is the conditioning that we women received for hundreds and hundreds of years – you´re not good enough, you can´t have what you want,…

We were kept down, used, and often abused, which resulted in suppression of our emotions and power.

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And if we don´t bring the light of our awareness to these wounds, they become our default setting.

How do you transmute the pain, anger, and hurt, so they no longer influence your relationships, career, health, and wealth?

🌿 becoming aware of the voice of the wounded feminine is the first step. We can´t shift if we don´t recognize the unhealthy pattern.

🌿 instead of running away and self-abandoning (wounded masculine within you) give yourself time to sit with your feelings

🌿 if we kept suppressing them for most of our life, it might take TIME to allow ourselves to feel

🌿 ACCEPTANCE is the most powerful tool

🌿 a deep feminine wounding is not being HEARD, SEEN, and LOVED

🌿 when you start practicing HEARING the voice of the wounded subconscious, SEEING and LOVING the suppressed feelings and every part of yourself, not only the convenient ones, the wounded voices will start shifting.

wounded feminine
wounded feminine voice

What if I can trust myself?

What if I´m worthy?

What if I can have everything that my heart desires?

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