The Wounded Feminine

wounded feminine

(Photo by Joey Nicotra on Unsplash)

Are you afraid of charging your worth?

Are you willing to do work that doesn´t fulfill you?

Are you staying in a relationship with a man that doesn´t see your value, because it´s too risky to leave or because it´s as good as it gets?

If you´re willing to compromise and say yes to any of the questions, you´re living from a wounded feminine energy state.

They´ve been passed down from generation to generation of women and are now part of our DNA and psyche unless we decide to break the cycle and start living from a much healthier and easier state.

Some of the expressions of the wounded feminine are:

– leaking energy on things/ activities she doesn´t want to do

– weak boundaries around her self-worth, authenticity, and values

– seeking safety and security outside of herself

– avoiding risks and failures, rather than being commited to a vision = playing not to lose rather than playing to win

– afraid to say NO

– being submissive and manipulative

– need to control, deep mistrust and anger at masculine energy (men, money, and really anything that is meant to support the feminine energy and creativity)

– afraid to speak her truth >>> lack of self-worth/ self-love

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Becoming clear on your values will help you to start shifting out of the wounded energies (you can use my free step-by-step guide).

Once you become honest with yourself it will allow you to start healing the emotional wounds and you´ll become aware of the areas where you´re not living in integrity with your values.

With time you´ll develop a trust in yourself, your desires, and your intuition and your life will gradually transform and support you in your decisions. The healthy feminine energy leads, so once you know how to support yourself with your thoughts, words, feelings, and inspired action, other people, opportunities, and life, in general, will rise to meet you where you are at.

When our energies are in balance and we have shifted from the wounded energies to healthy = empowered ones, life becomes easier, we start to see the opportunities that were in front of us the whole time, but which we weren´t able to see because of the wounded perspective. And we become a magnet for new opportunities, jobs, clients, money, healthy relationships, and our desires.

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