How to identify limiting beliefs

limiting beliefs

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The reason why motivation and new habits don´t tend to ‘stick’ is that we´re trying to pile up new knowledge and actions on an already wobbly foundation.

Another reason is that we´re trying to change the outer conditions (job, relationship, weight,…), instead of looking directly at the cause, which is always our emotional and mental state.

That´s why I love to work with processes that take into consideration a whole human being and don´t deflect or bypass our emotions, worries, and fears.

Once we pay attention, accept, understand, and shift the way we think, the expectations/ beliefs we hold as our truth, the way we speak to ourselves and others, the way we feel, and the actions we take, our lives shift naturally without having to try hard.

You don´t have to search for your limiting beliefs until you´re blue in the face. This is a very masculine (goal-oriented) approach that keeps us stuck, because beliefs and emotions are rarely ‘logical’. And if you´re a woman this approach won´t feel good or uplifting anyway.

If you´re trying to ‘make something happen’ or ‘trying hard’ you´re stuck in the wounded masculine energy, which is going to keep the results you want beyond your reach.

An emotionally healthy way of treating the limiting beliefs is becoming aware of the inner resistance to the changes you want to start implementing and then gradually dissolving the resistance with your awareness and intention.

Are the limiting beliefs hard to find?

By the time you´ve developed a belief, you´re persuaded that that´s simply how life works. For instance, many people think that relationships have to be hard and work can´t be fun.

So how to spot a limiting belief? Limiting beliefs are simply expectations that are playing out in front of your eyes in your life and your relationships. We´re simply said sending out energetic (=emotional + thought-based) signals and we´re receiving back the same frequency (= behaviors, events and synchronicitie that we subconsciously expect).

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Behind every belief is a momentum. That´s why it often seems so hard to shift what we want to experience, however, it becomes so much more easier when we understand the power we have over the way we feel and experience life.

The first sign of limiting belief is a feeling of resistance around a certain subject.

Our natural state is joy and flow. However, we are so used to feeling bad, anxious, and worried that it doesn´t even occur to us that the undercurrent of anxiety we are living with is not normal or healthy.

If your mind for instance, wonders to a subject of money and you start feeling tense, frustrated and fearful, there is a resistance and limiting belief that causes an unhealthy relationship between you and your finances.

Another way of spotting unhealthy patterns or limiting beliefs is the feeling of being triggered. Anytime you become reactive and you feel like you lose control over your thoughts, feelings, or actions because of another person or an event, it´s because they´ve triggered your emotional wound (= an area where you´re holding a lot of unprocessed tension).

limiting beliefs
limiting beliefs

To shift the resistance you have to realize that it is a part of you, so you want to work with it not against it, to be able to release it.

When you are able to integrate the triggers and shift the beliefs that are limiting your soul´s expression life starts to feel effortless and you no longer have to try hard to make changes that support you.

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