How to Feel Safe and Supported: Why Unhealthy Masculine Energy Causes Women to Experience Daily Anxiety and Fear

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Many high-achieving women feel an undercurrent of anxiety and frustration on a daily basis.

We were conditioned to believe that the more pressure we put on ourselves and the more we follow the rules, the more quickly we will be able to achieve anything we desire.

So we deconstruct our end-goals and make a daily plan of all the things we need to do to reach the ultimate destination. If our bodies get tired and our souls become weary we instantly assume that there has to be something wrong with us.

Not only are we used to pushing ourselves through the day and ticking off all the bullet points on our to-do-list, but we are also used to pulling others along with us, offering solutions to their problems, and showing up for all the tasks we are expected to perform with a happy smile.

Spending your days in leaning forward and predominantly thinking-based energy (masculine; oftentimes with unhealthy expressions) is going to leave you feeling exhausted, anxious, and unable to get in touch with your intuition and feelings.

So, where is the anxiety, exhaustion, and fear coming from?

If you´re a woman, living in and being guided by your feminine energy is what energizes you and gives you inspiration and insight into any situation you find yourself in (= INTUITION).

When we get stuck in the masculine mode of doing, giving, and supporting everyone else but ourselves, our bodies may even develop physical pain, because we dismissed the initial warning signs.

The reason why we feel disconnected from our own bodies and feelings is the inner bully or in other words, the voice that tells us that we have to try harder, be better, and figure everything out by ourselves, otherwise, the life we want will stay beyond our reach.

wounded feminine and masculine
Wounded Feminine and Wounded Masculine

This inner critic makes you stretch too thin, dims your innate magnetism and in fact, it is exactly the feeling of I have to do more to deserve what I want that keeps the very thing you desire out of reach.

Women who are ready to shift the unhealthy masculine patterns are also willing to reframe the critical attitude towards themselves and others. They become aware of the situations where they don´t feel supported and then leverage their healthy masculine energy to create inner and outer environments that make them feel safe, secure, and valued.

Once we feel safe and secure in any situation, we´re able to start dissolving years of suppressed emotions and start engaging with others and our own life force in a healthy way.

The deconditioning journey leads to a healthy balance in our relationships, more time and passion for the projects that give us energy, more flow and less effort.

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