Are You a Specific or Non Specific Manifestor?

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When calling in something new into your life should you be SPECIFIC or NOT?

My answer is whatever feels better to you.

If you start paying attention to the way you feel, you´ll notice that becoming specific on one subject might feel restrictive while intending for a specific result on another subject helps you to focus and uplevel your energy and feelings.

I believe there are people who´re built to call in whatever they want to the last detail and it brings them immense satisfaction.

I believe there´re others who are here to let life surprise them and who are meant to stay open and enjoy the ride.

Other times you might find yourself in both groups depending on the area of your life.

None of it is good or bad, more enlightened, or less spiritual. Both groups are equally inspired and acting on their intuition. And the intuition is guiding them differently because they have different gifts that want to be expressed in different ways.

The bottom line is to trust yourself and your urges. Your job is to distinguish whether focusing on a manifestation feels bad because you have restrictive beliefs and old feelings that need to be released or because you´re not supposed to focus and use your energy in such a specific way.

When focusing gives you thrills and excites you, feel free to focus as much as you want.

If staying open to whatever comes feels expansive and lighthearted feel free to allow your experience to bring you anything that´s meant to be yours.

Once you allow yourself to live from a place of ease and let go of the imagined restrictions, it´ll all become clearer.

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Intuition and Trust

Trust in the manifesting process and the universe can be boiled down to trust in yourself.

You have to first trust that you´ll pay attention to an inspired idea when you receive one.

You have to pay attention to your feelings and be willing to examine and let go of those that no longer serve you.

You have to trust yourself to follow inspired action when you get an impulse to act on it.

You have to trust that you´ll love yourself no matter what.

You have to trust that you´ll have your own back at all times.

Trust is built over time. If you´ve been betraying yourself all your life, you´ll have to, first of all, forgive yourself.

Be honest and take a couple of days to release any resistance and hurt. You did the best you could, now you´re going to practice doing better.

Desire is an expansion tool that helps your mind to catch up with your heart. Once aligning your thoughts with your heart´s desires becomes as easy as breathing, your reality will shift.

Until then keep practicing every day, keep shifting your beliefs, and keep holding the energetical space for what you want to call into your experience. When you stop being available to anything less then your heart´s vision, you create space for everything you hold space for.

Much love,

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