The Feminine Way of Living

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Are you tired?

I mean soul-tired? Feeling-it-in-your-bones tired?

Do you know that life´s supposed to feel good, but you gave up on this knowing a long time ago?

I´ve always believed in magic.

The kind of magic when life flows easily and amazing things happen every day. When you know what you want and nothing´s standing between you and your heart´s desire.

So, when have we lost our magic? Was it even real?

My guess is that the magic vanished somewhere between giving our power away and trying to fit ourselves into a model of the world made by men that works for… well, men.

And it never felt good.

But instead of asking — how can we create a new way of living and working that will feel good to us? — we, women, immediately assumed that there must be something inherently wrong with the way we operate. We must hustle more and effort harder! We must do all that men can do and more!

And what happens when we do? Our own bodies start betraying us. We suffer from autoimmune diseases, pains and aches, endometriosis, cancer, and the list goes on.

There´s nothing wrong with hustling, as long as it feels good to you.

But does it? Do you feel in your power when you´re chasing after things? Do you feel in your power when you have to prove your worth? Is magic happening every day?

If not then you´re not in your power.

The thing is, women are powerful. Powerful in the most exciting and joyful way. When we´re operating from healthy feminine energy, we can´t even grasp the concept of using power over someone. A powerful woman uses her magic to uplift everyone in her life. When she rises everyone around her rises as well.

Our society has been using power distorted by unhealthy masculine and feminine expressions, and we started to become afraid of our power.

However, it´s time to give you your power back so life can become magical again.

1. Listen to Your Intuition

It´s said that women have a sixth sense. I, personally, believe that we all have intuitive hints, but women tend to be more aware of them.

Since intuition is meant to be a natural part of our existence, you might not know that you have been using it all along. Or maybe you were just afraid to trust something that is ungraspable for others.

Your inner wisdom reveals to you what your logical mind can not. You sense for example what type of food your body needs, you know when someone is lying to you or when you should invest your time in a certain activity. Intuition is not evidence-based. Evidence always comes later in the moments when you think to yourself: Oh, I knew it, or I saw it coming!

Intuitive hints can´t be explained or forced.

You always know what´s the next right step. You might be afraid. You might doubt yourself. You might have suppressed all your emotions to the point that you´re now not sure how your intuition feels, but it will never go completely away. You know what is the next step and you just have to start trusting yourself more.

2. Structure? Are You Kidding Me?

Our energy ebbs and flows. If you don´t feel like hustling all day long it´s because you were never supposed to in the first place.

I tend to write down my business-related ideas in the middle of my morning workout sessions. I learn from people who make me feel good and remind me to look for answers within, not from those who tell me what to do. My projects and my work choose me and if I have nothing to say I won´t create content, I´ll go swimming instead.

Some days I wake up before 5 a.m. and go straight to work. Other days I wake up after 9 a.m. go for a walk with my dog and start creating later in the day or not at all if I feel that my body and mind need a break.

And the thing is, when you start living in the space of magic, there´s no longer work time and playtime. Your work becomes your playground. Your life becomes your inspiration and your intuition becomes your superpower. You play when you´re working, you play when you´re not. Who said that work can´t be fun?

Well, if you think that you have to do something you don´t want to in order to get where you don´t really want to get, then work will be a terrible struggle. But remember, you´re still magic and magic can´t be forgotten.

It´s just so vastly different from what we were taught that it needs to be remembered.

How do you create magic?

Start with the things that come easy to you. They are your magic. Start small and before you do anything ask yourself,

Does it bring me joy? Am I excited about it?

When it does not flow let it be. To be able to let go of things that are not serving you, you have to stand in your power and know your value.

Also, with things you “have“ to do, start asking yourself,

How can this be more fun? How can I make it more exciting?

3. Connect With Your Body, It Holds the Wisdom You´ve Been Looking For

“Hustle hard” advice, religions, and many eastern philosophies bypass the human body. Their advice bypasses our feelings, it bypasses our needs and it overlooks the wisdom that we carry in our genes.

Your body is not your enemy. You´re not getting a disease to be punished. You´re being sick because you haven´t been listening. Our bodies are screaming,

Please slow down. Please, take a break.

We abuse our bodies and once they´re worn to the bone, we´re surprised when we start suffering from a stress-related disease.

I didn´t see that one coming!

Well, that´s because you haven´t been listening…

Nothing will kill you faster than taking the joy out of your life. Joy is the essence of who we are. Thrill is something we should be experiencing daily not only on rare occasions.

4. The Magnetic Power of Rising Woman and Her Community

Powerful woman is a creator. She gives life to many projects because she was born to create.

What she was not born for is putting everyone else before her and her inner wisdom.

Your work is only a small part of who you are. Your family is only a part of who you are. You´re much bigger than your job and you´ve come to do more than support others in achieving their dreams.

If you´ve been raised to be humble and to be grateful for breadcrumbs, it might take you a while to let it sink in.

But you came here to create. To create anything and everything that brings you joy, excitement, and happiness.

Powerful woman is magnetic. She attracts everything she needs in order to create a life she desires.

However, if you´re dimming your light because someone once told you that you should be humble and grateful for whatever bits and pieces others decide to give you, you´re losing your magnetism. The things and people who would love to support you can´t find their way to you, because your light is flickering out.

Thriving isn´t possible without a support system. Once you learn that you´re a powerful woman, you´re going to receive with grace and you´ll give back with love and not with resentment. Women thrive on cooperation and in communities not in competition. We thrive when we can lift each other up.

But the world won´t change until we bring our magic to the table.

You are the magic.

Remember, when a woman rises the world rises with her.

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  1. Thank you so much for this. I cried while I was reading it. It is what I needed to read this weekend.

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