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Unlock the genuine power of healthy masculine and feminine energy

Lately, as I have been navigating the balance between my work life, relationships, and inner healing I came to realize that they´re, in fact, one and the same thing.

As you move through releasing limiting beliefs and emotional wounds related to them, you become aware of the triggers in every area of your life.

By triggers, I mean situations that evoke emotions, which at first feel uncomfortable.

Doing the inner work takes courage and dedication because as it´s being said the only way out is through and it applies to our fears more than to anything else.

If you are a sucker for self-help books and personal development, I bet you came across the concept of the rising of the feminine.

The truth is that we have been living for a long time in a world that was out of balance. We´ve hustled all day long and worshipped success more than anything else just to be defeated by the burnout. We´ve expected linear progress and forgot that life comes in cycles.

As women we wanted to show that we can do all that men can do, but forgot that our power doesn´t lie in becoming a man. That´s why the spiritual movement started to celebrate the divine feminine. We needed to counterbalance the goal-oriented, rigid nature of the world we are living in.

However, with the rise of the gentler way of the feminine in the form of yoga and meditation movements, crystals, and other spiritual tools, the masculine seems to have gotten a bad rap.

Healthy vs. wounded masculine and feminine

It doesn´t matter whether you are a man or a woman you have both energies within you. Therefore, as a woman you can tap into your masculine energy and as a man you have access to your feminine energy. However, one of these tends to prevail in you.

When one or both of the energies get distorted or suppressed, usually because of the unhealthy societal beliefs and upbringing, our life gets out of control and we become stuck in hurtful behaviors.

First, let´s have a look at the symptoms of the wounded masculine. Keep in mind that they apply to both genders.

  • Attachment to success
  • Fear of failure
  • Need to be right
  • Aggressive
  • Cold and distant
  • Critical and judgmental
  • Selfish
  • Stuck in the mind, not in touch with emotions
  • Defending himself and attacking

On the other hand, what are the traits of the healthy masculine?

  • Present without being distracted
  • Nonjudgmental
  • Committed and powerful
  • Deep integrity and humbleness
  • Focus and discipline
  • Supportive and encouraging
  • Grounded and of service
  • Honest, logical and accountable

Remember that the energies are closely tied together so when you start working on the healthy masculine you create a safe space for the healthy feminine to express itself.

How does it look when we are operating from wounded feminine?

  • Looking for external validation, being insecure
  • Manipulative
  • Stuck in victimhood
  • Excessively attached
  • Desperate for love
  • Sacrificing herself
  • Over shares her emotions and has no boundaries

While the healthy feminine is:

  • Strong and has boundaries
  • Loving and supportive
  • Vulnerable, compassionate and authentic
  • Receptive and confident in her body
  • Intuitive and creative
  • Asks for what she needs
  • Enjoying the process of creation
  • Able to relate to others by listening, sharing and creating a community

For me personally the greatest realization so far was that it´s impossible to cultivate one at the expense of the other.

Never before have I been able to tap into my loving, intuitive, and creative feminine essence than when I started cultivating the healthy masculine side of me.

When you look back at the traits of unhealthy masculine and feminine, can you see how one influences the other?

When you are attached to success, critical and selfish you will always look for validation outside of yourself, manipulate people and situations to get what you want, but you will inevitably feel like a victim of your circumstance.

If you are a woman then learning to be present and nonjudgmental with yourself will help you to heal the parts of your psyche that are seeking external validation. Cultivating focus and discipline will in turn provide you with a healthy routine that allows for more creativity and flow in your life.

Our inner feminine needs to feel the support of the inner masculine. Only then are we able to fully relax into our true nature, become authentic, and create from our heart.

While the supportive and grounded inner masculine is magnetized by our honesty, ability to clearly ask for what we need and receptivity.

If you are struggling with balancing your inner masculine and feminine, spending a couple of minutes every day in your own company without any distractions is hands down the fastest way to unlocking the power of your body and energy.

The tools from my own toolbox

I am going to help you unlock your authentic power and share with you my personal practice.

These tips include easy techniques and amazing teachers that inspired me on my journey and helped me to rediscover the power of healing my masculine and feminine energies.

1. Over It and on with It Podcast

Over It And On With It | Podbay

Christine Hassler is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, but most importantly a brilliant master coach. She has the unique gift of tuning right into the root of the blocks that her clients are dealing with. In this beautiful episode of her podcast she helps Amanda to heal her father wound. The father figure in our life is the source of masculine energy that we internalized while growing up and this episode is about balancing and integrating our feminine and masculine energies.

I suggest you go and listen to it right now. It´s an amazing eye-opener especially for women and full of valuable advice.

2. Guided Meditation – Connect to Your Divine Masculine Energy

Listen to this meditation the first thing in the morning or right before you go to sleep and experience the magical combination of drum beats combined with heartwarming vocals and guided visualization.

3. The Expanded podcast

Expanded x Ep. 94: EXPLAINED Money Energetics — To Be Magnetic ...

Masculine energy is closely related to money dynamics and self-worth. This episode of The Expanded podcast with manifestation coach Lacy Phillips covers money as energy, masculine worth energy, lack mentality & limiting money beliefs. It´s great for those who are struggling to stay in their worth and tap into the masculine assertiveness in the area of finances.

4. Manifest you: 21-day guide

This is a guide I created to help you on your journey to inner freedom and authentic expression of your own truth and desires. If you are struggling with embracing the inner feminine and creative expression, it´s a great way to start your own healing journey.

5. Laura Ansell

Laura is a coach that shines the light on all the shadows and unhealthy manifestations of our masculine and feminine energies. In this particular video call and Q&A session she addresses the sacred feminine and answers the questions that might pop up in your mind when you´ve been on the inner healing journey for a while.

6. Daily planner for meaningful life

This planner is a little bit different from the ones you are used to because instead of writing down your to-do list, you are going to reflect on a few questions. The answers to these questions, will help you to set your day up for clarity and purpose. It allows your feminine side to get creative while providing it with a masculine structure and support. You can read about it more or download it right now.

Remember that rigidity and judgment is not a part of either of the healthy expressions of the energies.

So be playful, have fun with the exercises, and tune into your inner wisdom that will help you to choose the ones that are right for YOU.

I wish you a lot of healing breakthroughs and aha moments,

(P.S. Let me know which one of the resources resonates with you the most ❤️)

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