Unplug your energy from what no longer serves you and create everything you desire

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Have you ever wondered why some people seamlessly get whatever their heart desires while others struggle all along the way, even though they are trying so much harder? In fact, the key to unlocking our natural manifestation powers is hidden in the opposite of „trying hard“. We have been told that we have to try hard to achieve whatever it is that we define as success.

Nevertheless, I am sure that you have noticed what I mentioned earlier – some people seem not to be trying hard at all, and yet, things happen for them anyways. How is it even possible? I have been pondering this question over and over until the answer became so clear that I decided to ditch all of the superstitions we have been taught about how manifesting and life in general work and discover how they really do.

You are supporting your reality

You may have heard the saying that life experiences shape who you become. Well, they do… Until we decide to start shaping our own experience. What we have yet to discover is that we are powerful creators. Our beliefs, intentions, emotional and thus energetical blueprint and actions create shift in the outer reality. Therefore, if we want to experience a different life we have to first start cultivating a different experience within ourselves – we have to develop a different relationship toward our beliefs, emotions and experiences.

By cultivating what matters to us, either in form of beliefs, emotional states or activities, we are propelling the energy that we carry within us to manifest in our reality = in our life and to reflect the new beliefs and emotional states. Trying hard and dogpaddling are actually only creating a gap between where we want to be and the state we are currently in. In a new paradigm of manifesting we practice receiving what we desire, we practice patience and grace and trust that once we shift our inner world the outer world must follow.

By saying NO you create space for more YESES

Imagine that your energy is your manifesting currency. You flow it toward things you focus on and where your focus goes your energy flows. This way you are literally buying what you want to magnetize back into your life with your precious energy. The quickest way of creating change is to shift our focus toward what matters to us. And we accomplish it by taking back our precious energy currency and by starting to pay for the resources that we actually want to have in our life. So, what do you do if they offer you something that you do not want to buy? You say no. No, thank you, I am not buying that.

To make it more tangible, let´s look at a specific example. So let´s say that you are invited to dinner, but the invitation is not compelling to you at all. You will have to spend a lot of time and resources (either monetary or emotional) to get there and to get through the whole thing. In situations like this remember that you are in no way obliged to follow through just because an opportunity presents itself to you.

Even though your mind and your environment may come up with thousands of reasons why you should, the reason that you do not want to and do not feel good about it, is a big enough reason to say NO. And what happens each time you say no to something that drains your precious energy? Something better is on the way. It is one of the laws governing this time-space reality. When you let go of what doesn´t serve you, the life energy will rush in and fill the empty space with something else that is a better reflection of your inner state.

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OK, you said no to everything that did not resonate with you. You turned down each and every opportunity that gave you the heavy feeling in your stomach. You kindly refused invitations to all the dreadful events you didn´t want to attend. And you are asking now what?

Now, my darling friend, is the best time to start the real work. The work that is going to call in your next manifestation. Because we have saved some of our energy currency in the previous steps, we now have enough to invest in our imagined manifestation account. What does this account look like and how do we access it? The substance we are creating our world from is a mix of our beliefs, emotions, and our self-worth, which are all directly proportional to our levels of self-love and self-appreciation. I am listing some of my favorite resources that you can use and spend your energetic currency on. The payback will be worth it:

  1. 21 days of releasing judgment
  2. Meditation guide for beginners
  3. Consciously creating your future: journaling prompts
  4. Training your focus with mindfulness worksheet
  5. Following your intuition

Hold your space, stand your ground and work on your inner world first, than from that place take inspired action and watch your world being transformed,

A Miracle Workbook

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