Feeling stuck? Two reasons why and practical tips for getting back in the flow

Have you set your vision on a goal, but later down the road you cannot force yourself to take the right action? The reasons might be different, but we usually assign them to lack of time, lack of possibilities, laziness, fatigue, and so on. If the answer is yes, I am right there with you and I am going to offer you a different viewpoint so that we can transcend the layers of resistance together and come out on the other side with more flow and alignment than ever.

Basically, from my experience, there are two reasons why we are not doing what we want to do and what we think we should do. The resistance in the form of fatigue, mental confusion, or even boredom is always with us for a reason. And as you might hear me say before, whatever we resist persists, therefore, the only way around the resistance is through.

The first block: You cannot make yourself DO what you think SHOULD be done

Both of the blockages, or in other words main sources of resistance, come from societal conditioning. Let´s face the truth so we can use it for our inner transformation and to take ownership of our own lives and our own energy. Since the time we landed on the Earth we have been taught what to do and what not to do. Equally, hundreds of never-ending expectations have been engraved in our little minds which could not filter out the reasonable advice from obsolete superstitions.

Therefore, the first cause of resistance rises within you when you are forced to take action or buy into beliefs that are not true for you, that are not resonating with who you came here to be or that are redundant in grander scheme of your life. If you take away just one thing from today´ s post let it be this: Effective action is always aligned with all the parts of your being. Resistance is emerging as a signal that a part of you is not in alignment with the action you are about to take. And we will never ever get rid of the resistance by getting rid of it. So, how do we overcome this resistance?

The solution is simple, just like the truth and alignment always are. But that does not mean it is easy, at least it is not easy for the mind which is confused by the programming it received and which now tends to complicate every little thing. The only cure is to question everything that you have been taught or that you assumed was given as a non-negotiable truth. Do you really have to suffer to achieve what your heart desires? Do you really have to figure out your life´s purpose right now? Is it dangerous to take risk? Are you guilty if you take rest?

And then listen to what comes up. Starting to trust ourselves is a process. I would love to tell you that you will wake up tomorrow with all the answers, but, honestly, it will take time to start trusting yourself again. Nevertheless, the practice of self-love and self-acceptance is so worth it.

The second block: You cannot make yourself DO what you WANT to do

In case you double-checked your motivation and you are persuaded that this time you are on the right path, i.e. your own one, but the resistance is still there, the reason are usually the underlying beliefs that are sometimes tricky to track down. The resistance in this case serves us as a beautiful tool of connected with our shadow parts and bringing awareness to the beliefs that tell us that we are not enough, not worthy of what our heart desires and that something is wrong with us.

One of the powerful tools for getting in touch with our intuition and authentic worth is meditation.

Making time to sit with yourself and connect with your true nature either through the guided meditation or other tools that resonate with you, will eventually help you to distinguish beliefs from clarity of your own wisdom.

Resistance is always a sign that we do not trust ourselves. Either we are stuck between what we feel is the right path for us and the milestones we have been told we should achieve to gain happiness. Or we simply cannot separate our inner wisdom from the years of obsolete beliefs we bought into. In the moments of resistance come back to your body, to your feelings, to your heart and know that your truth always sets you free, makes you feel lighter and lights you up with joy and possibility.

Much love and clarity,

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