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Have you ever wondered how the manifesting works and what to do with the “negative“ beliefs that are coming up along the way? Let´s have a look at some of the basic premises and energetics of manifesting and let´s establish a new paradigm from which the practice of manifesting will be far easier.

Manifesting & effort

I am going to dive right into it and tell you, in case you still doubt it, that you do not have to deserve whatever it is that you desire. Let me repeat it: You do NOT have to deserve whatever it is you desire. A huge part of the manifesting process simply includes accepting and releasing all the resistance and fear that is telling us that we cannot have what our heart desires.

If you still do not believe that you are inherently worthy of your desires, let´s twist our beliefs a little bit. Try answering these questions: Who gets to decide whether you are worthy of your desires? Who gets to tell you what you can or cannot manifest?

Manifesting is taking full responsibility for your own experience as a creator of your reality (nevertheless, don´t make yourself guilty for anything that has happened, but what you didn´t consciously intend to manifest). We have been taught certain beliefs (aka our unconscious conditioning/programming while growing up), however, they are appearing in our reality, because we have simply bought into them.

How to treat our current reality when manifesting?

We cannot change anything by wrestling it to the ground – whatever we resist persists. The shortcut is to accept all the limiting beliefs that come up, becoming aware of them and CHOOSING differently. Oftentimes the feeling of hopelessness is caused, because we think that we have no choice and what happens in our lives is meant to happen.

I believe that we were given free will and with this free will we have manifested everything that we are currently experiencing: as individuals and as communities as well. Unless we take full responsibility for whatever is happening in our own life we cannot change the collective consciousness.

To come back to my questions – only you get to decide whether you are worthy of your desires and what kind of manifestation you want to create in your reality. Manifesting is changing our inner world (beliefs, feelings) which in turn createsa change in the outer world. Not the other way around. And you are the master of your inner world. No one is standing between you and what you desire, unless you believe so…

My first go to tools in cultivating an inner reality that I want to see reflected back to me is the practice of SELF-LOVE, but also ACCEPTANCE toward what my beliefs have created. I love visualization, I love creating vision boards and journaling. However, if you do constantly battle with your current reality while calling in a new one it is like building a house in a wrong neighborhood. Manifestation in and of itself will create only a temporary satisfaction. It is not a substitution for self-love, living in our integrity and standing firmly in our worthiness. On the contrary all of those aspects are preceding the manifestations.

Meanwhile, remind yourself that beating yourself up for the limiting thoughts that are popping up in our minds and criticizing our inner critic are not self-love. Forgive yourself and choose again. Accept all your thoughts and choose again. You do not have to be positive all the time to shift your reality. Be very gentle with whatever kind of resistance is coming up for you.

The greatest truth is that you will receive your manifestations when you do not need them. You can still want them, you can still be like: wouldn´t it be amazing if it happened? However, you know and you feel in every fiber of your being that your worth and your love for who you are not based on the outer circumstances.

Much love,

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