Manifesting Steps Made Easy: with Focus on Trust and Surrender

Surrender for me, personally, represents a huge part of the manifesting process. When I am talking about manifesting, I have in mind the process of receiving a desire or an idea and then letting it materialize in our tangible, physical reality. Each one of us is made up of different types of physical, personality and energetic traits, therefore, it would be shortsighted to say that there is only one process of how the manifestation works and that we all have to follow it.

The first step

However, there are a few steps, which I am going to mention so that you can benefit from them if they resonate with you. Then I am going to focus on the last step, which I call surrender or letting go and explain the energetics behind this step. The first step of my personal manifesting process is getting clear on what I desire. During this step, the work is to consciously accept the desire that is being birthed within our heart and our mind.

Clarity is represented either by seeing a clear image of what we want in our mind´s eye or by a simple knowing in our heart that this is what we want. Clarity depends also on what type of intuitive hints you are inclined to receive.

As I have already mentioned before, since we are all different, we are also receiving intuitive hints regarding our desires differently. Some of us like to narrow their desires down to specific details and we know exactly what we want. Others may know for example how they want their manifestations to feel, but they may get frustrated when they are supposed to come up with details. And it is because they should NOT try to pin their manifestations down to specific details.

My point is: Does it feel natural for you to visualize? Then do it. Does it feel natural to write down a list of the desires that you envision? Then feel free to write them down. Do you hate writing lists? Then forget about it. Do NOT force yourself to do anything that your being does not resonate with. If you are not sure, which process is helpful to you, just try them out and stick with those that feel good to you. For example, I use different methods when manifesting different things and often, many of my desires have manifested even without using a specific tool.

The second step

The second step is checking whether you think that it is possible for your desire to manifest. You do not have to be 100% sure. Do you think that there is a possibility that it CAN manifest? That is enough. And even here I am very deliberate with the words that I use, because again I received manifestations that my conscious mind would think were not possible to unfold in the way they did, but they happened anyway.

Also, you do not need to know HOW it is going to happen. This is the magic of manifesting. The power that created us/ All That Is/Source/ Energy/God or whatever you want to call it, orchestrates the events FOR you. Therefore, you can let go of the HOW with a peaceful mind.

To give you a specific example, a couple of years ago, I was watching a video of a guy who was talking about his experience on the islands of Pacific Ocean where he randomly encountered dolphins while being on a vacation. At that moment I thought: wouldn´t it be wonderful to see dolphins in their natural environment? Back then I was still studying at the university, so I googled some possibilities to volunteer for organizations responsible for protected marine areas during summer.

However, I either couldn´t or didn´t want to apply for different reasons. So I had let the idea be and I completely forgot about it. This happened in November. In February of the following year, one of my friends found a non-profit organization that was organizing week-long nobilities abroad for young people from all over Europe. Since we were students we could apply, pay a fee of 20 euros and we would be able to attend the event for free.

They had the last two spots left and the program was starting in two weeks. To make a long story short, I and my friend traveled to a small village in Greece where the program was taking place at the beginning of spring. During that week we traveled along the Greek coast and we´ve had the most beautiful experience. One evening we went for a walk by the beach in our small village just before the sun started to set. Lo and behold! What did we spot in the dark waters of the Mediterranean Sea? Two dolphins swimming peacefully along the shore… I was so thrilled that my heart almost burst with joy. It is still to this day one of my favorite manifestations ever and it always makes me think that, if the Universe can orchestrate me traveling to a village in the middle of nowhere basically for free just to see dolphins, what else is possible?

The third step

To come back to our manifestation steps, the third step is to let go of the resistance by embracing the negative feelings. You do not have to be happy 24/7 to manifest what you desire. Peace doesn´t come from feeling elevated emotions all the time. Peace comes from accepting whatever we are feeling in the given moment.

The final step

The last step I wanted to discuss in detail was the step of letting go and surrendering. I know that it is hard to let go of something that you really, really want. I have been there many times.  And with some manifestations, it is easier to detach than with others. But I can tell you that desperation is the energy that is not going to manifest what you desire. However, in order to let go of the desperation and neediness, we have to embrace them.

To go one step further, we can embrace the fact that we can´t let go as well as the fact that we are needy and desperate. Becoming conscious of our state is the first step of letting go. Awareness literally melts the resistance away.

If you cannot detach from a situation try using the Ho´oponopono method. In order to shift anything, ANY thing we have to accept it, at first, and we have to realize that the attachment is our creation, as well. Only then, we can change the relationship to the situation that we have created. Whether you believe in the Universe, God, your Higher Self or your subconscious mind, my story is a beautiful example that the power greater than us can orchestrate our manifestations a thousand times better than our limited perception can. Trusting your intuition is a part of this process, too.

I believe that trust has to be earned in every relationship and I am not an advocate of blind faith. My mind is too rational and logical for that. What I suggest is that when manifesting try following either the steps that I outlined in this post or any other steps that are working for you and practice them on smaller less significant manifestations. This way the attachment will be way weaker and you can gradually build up the trust in your Self (your intuition) and in the Universe, by letting go of smaller issues first.

Enjoy your practice,

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