Ho’oponopono: ancient Hawaiian healing method

Today I would like to introduce you to an ancient Hawaiian healing method called Ho’oponopono. I have stumbled upon it just recently when I was searching for a tool that would help me to release resistance and bounce back to a feeling of inner peace and knowingness that I am being taken care of and supported by life.

What this technique does is that it helps us to take responsibility for everything that is occurring in our life (remember that you do not make yourself guilty or blame yourself for what is happening) so you can then let it go. The simplicity of this method consists of the assumption that whatever is happening in our life was created in our inner world first, i.e. by our subconscious programming, therefore, by healing our old programming the „problems“ or triggers will be naturally released from our experience.

Getting in touch with our inner child

We can find many methods that are working with inner child healing and releasing subconscious blocks or in other words subconscious stories that we picked up along the way. The best part of the Ho’oponopono healing modality is that you do not have to specifically identify why is something happening in your life. Once you take responsibility for every event, you are reminded that you are a powerful creator and that if you created something you can equally dissolve it. Maybe you´ve heard that what you resist persists and what you look at disappears.

Life experience taught me that healing starts always with me. After all, isn´t our own mind and our own experience the only thing we really have the power to change? My all-time favorite topic is self-love and I wholeheartedly trust in the power of self-acceptance. Therefore, the idea behind Ho’oponopono suggesting that it is enough to heal yourself and the power that created you will take care of the rest was resonating with what I have experienced before. I bet that if you are like me, you have tried to change other people, as well, but let´s be honest, how has it worked for us so far?

If this method resonates with you, too, here is how we practice it. We are basically given four mantras (short statements) that we repeat throughout the day:

When repeating them silently for yourself, keep in mind that since you are the creator of your reality, you can let go of whatever you have created. The order in which you repeat the mantras is not important. What is important is the willingness to release the problem. According to Ho’oponopono you are the one who needs the healing and by healing yourself the others will be healed as well, that is why you say these words to yourself: “I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” When you feel anger, disappointment or other uncomfortable feelings, turn your attention inwards, connect with yourself  and your inner child and lovingly forgive every part of yourself for whatever you are experiencing.

How does Ho’oponopono relate to shadow work?

Our shadow are basically those parts of ourselves that we suppressed, refused or where ashamed of usually due to our experiences during childhood. This so called “shadow” aspects are waiting for us to see them, acknowledge them and love them just as they are. Since we are not consciously aware of these parts they are manifesting as uncomfortable emotions and events. The easiest way to identify our shadow aspects is through triggers and feelings. When doing the shadow work, you allow yourself to acknowledge the uncomfortable feelings and triggering reactions and to love and appreciate them.


As you are saying I love you, remind yourself that you are worthy and deserving of love. Love whatever emotions are coming up. Whatever you are experiencing, love it without judgment and know that you are lovable just as you are.


Our experiences and environments are always bringing to our attention what we refused to see in ourselves and they are opportunities for letting go and for growth.  However, we haven´t done ANYTHING WRONG. We shouldn´t blame ourselves or feel guilty. In this step, we are accepting responsibility for whatever we are thinking and experiencing. As I mentioned before, outer reality is a reflection of our internal world. During the second step you are telling yourself that you are sorry for allowing this to get this far or sorry for choosing this situation and now you are truly acknowledging it. Only then you are free to choose something different.


In the second step, we tapped into the realization that we have created everything that we are experiencing.  Now is time to FORGIVE OURSELVES. We aren’t wrong and we are not bad people. We just simply haven´t realized that we have a subconscious programming that causes problems in our life. We forgive every part of ourselves even the shadowy parts for creating our experience.


We are feeling grateful for our Self and for the God of our understanding/ power that created us.

We are thanking the old belief or situation because it showed up in our life for a reason.  

We are thanking our feelings for flowing through and for letting us know that there is something to release.

We are thanking The Universe for guidance and for resolving the situation on our behalf.

When practicing this ancient technique remember this: We are taking 100% responsibility for our life, however, at the same time we are giving up the need to be RIGHT and we are allowing the Universe to restore things for the highest good of everyone. Repeat the process silently as long as you need in order to feel an inner shift into more peaceful and less resistant state.

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