Little Big Lies about Healing

I have been studying inner healing, manifesting and mindfulness for years now and over time I have encountered many types of advice. The best method of discerning between information that helps us to heal and the one that creates more tension is to pay attention to the way it makes us feel. The old paradigm of pushing through, trying hard and suppressing pain has never really worked. Why? Simply because what we resist persists. When we are trying to move on or push through the pain even though we are not ready yet, we are always neglecting a part of ourselves that needs our attention the most.

I am introducing here a new paradigm of healing where we are replacing traditional motivation with truths that are more gentle and that help us to embrace our wounds and at the same time release any resistance we might feel toward the process of healing. No matter what has happened or what happens along your journey, please, remember: You are okay just the way you are. You have a right to rest and healing takes time:

Lots of love & peace,

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