How to Use Journaling to Consciously Create our Future + free journaling prompts

Journaling is one of many tools that we can use for our personal development and inner transformation. However, tools are just tools, they won´t work until we do and they are here to help us and support us on our journey, therefore, they shouldn´t cause us anxiety or stress. So, if your intuition is not guiding you to use journaling as one of your tools, I give you a permission to stop reading right here and now and go do something you actually enjoy doing and what brings you excitement and joy.

If you feel like you might benefit from trying this technique out, I am more than happy to guide you along the way. As always I am going to share from my own personal experience and explain you how journaling works for me. I used to journal a lot when practicing The Work created by Byron Katie. When doing The Work, you basically write down your stressful thoughts and then identify the ways in which they are not true. You also learn to transform them into statements that are actually feeling better and in many cases are also closer to reality. This process helped me to see clearly and to start letting go of my limiting beliefs. What we are taught during this process is that, basically, once you write your thoughts down, your ego (shadow self) can´t talk you out of them and mislead you anymore. Any belief you write down is then visible for you – black on white – and your conscious mind can finally see it and work with it.

For me writing serves as a kind of magnified thinking process where I can become aware of my beliefs and subsequently start actively working on them. What I would like to guide you through is a specific type of journaling related to consciously creating our future reality. If you are interested in shifting your past experience and memories (yes, it totally is possible) then journaling is one of the methods that helps you to tap into subconscious beliefs. But now, I would like to introduce you to a journaling process that I am using to tap into the future “me” or in other words the “me” that I know I want to embody.

The power of this exercise consists in you directly experiencing who you are when living the life of your dreams. It is, however, not that kind of magic which would change your life overnight. The real magic of this exercise stems from giving you glimpses of who you need to become in order to call the new reality in through the inner healing work, building new beliefs and taking inspired action. Every time you use these journaling prompts, you are tuning into a new state of being – one of infinite possibilities. By consistently practicing tapping into our future Self (or in other words a different state of being) we are rewiring our thoughts and actively letting go of limiting beliefs that are holding us back.  And thus this practice is showing us how to eventually call the future to where WE ARE.

I, personally, love to do this kind of journaling early in the morning when the veil between subconscious and conscious mind is still thin. However, as with every practice you find on this blog, there is no right or wrong way of doing it. The only way of doing it is the one you feel inspired to and that is also the right way for you.

Just read the questions at the top of each page and let your imagination take over. You do NOT have to figure out every detail and you do NOT have to fill out the whole page. The goal of this practice is to show yourself that you have the power to choose who you want to be and what you want to put your focus on. Any time a fear comes up or if you are met with thoughts telling you that you are not worthy of your desires, simply become aware of them, meet them with loving acceptance and continue with the writing exercise until you feel that you have nothing more to add to the page.

Much love,

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