Mental health & Manifesting: What do they have in common?

Manifesting and mental health are my two all-time favorite topics to study and to expand on. At first glance, it may seem that they are two separate subjects and usually they are not being discussed holistically as one topic. Nevertheless, we are creating our reality through the subconscious patterns that we have observed and absorbed while growing up. Healing these triggers and conditioning opens us to manifesting = creating the life we wholeheartedly desire and deserve.

So, what is my definition of manifesting? Basically, I see it as mastering our energy through focused mental and physical activity and using the universal laws to materialize our visions into physical reality. Manifesting is as natural as breathing and we are doing it all day every day without realizing it. Even though we are constantly molding our energy and using our focus to create a life we desire, manifesting is not something we are taught early on. If you were lucky enough and you stumbled upon materials that teach manifestation, you might get the sense that it is as easy as closing your eyes visualizing what you want and waking up to your dream reality. That is at least what I was thinking at first.

Yet, in the environment we are living in, there are more forces and laws at work, which make the whole process and, therefore, our life journeys, much more interesting and much less linear than we would sometimes prefer them to be. That is also why mastering manifestation takes practice, experimenting, knowing ourselves and owning our truth and our worth.

Mental resilience and mental health are helping us to leverage our inherent powers so we can create a new reality for ourselves and for others who are being inspired by us. It is our inner world that is being projected outwards and that is creating the events and relationships we encounter and the reactions we experience. Manifesting gives you your power back. It introduces you to a world, where you become a powerful creator. The shifts in our mindset create tangible results in our life.

I am going to briefly describe the way I am personally experiencing and working through my manifestations, so you can get a glimpse of a more specific process. I believe that we are given our desires, so they can be birthed into this time-space reality. I see the desires as expressions of our authentic selves – our innermost truth and nature. However, we often doubt them because they are hidden under layers of beliefs, superstitions and years of conditioning. If we were fully in our worth and believing that anything we desire has the potential to become our reality, we would manifest much easier and faster. Therefore, the inner work I am doing consists of expanding my mind = my beliefs, so they can meet the desires of my heart half-way.

Another crucial component of manifesting is standing in our worth and integrity. That is why I preach the how-tos of self-love and self-compassion over and over again. Loving ourselves and cherishing our truth is the only way of creating and materializing what we deserve. The energetics of this world make it so that you will manifest only the things you believe you are worthy of. The mental resilience comes into play when we are dealing with the world around us. I know that many of us haven´t been growing up in environments where an abundance mindset and self-love were a norm. In most of the cases what we are taught is an exact opposite of the beliefs that are allowing us to manifest. Therefore, the toughest, but also the most rewarding part of the manifesting process is shedding our insecurities and seeing through the lies that are no longer serving us. And that requires enormous mental strength.

When we start shifting our beliefs and changing our inner self-talk, a lot of subconscious programming and habits start coming onto the surface. These moments serve us as opportunities to own our power and reframe all of the external limitations. By changing the way we look at life events and the way we respond to them, our nervous system grows stronger and our energy then becomes more powerful and ushers in new manifestations. The realization that all the triggers that are coming up in our daily life are helping us to shed our limiting beliefs and childhood conditioning will set us free. Subsequently, the instance of witnessing our desires– even the smallest ones – coming into fruition will give us a boost of confidence and will, in turn, allow our mindset and manifesting muscle to grow stronger.

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  1. Thank you for this amazing redacted piece of knowledge. We have the absolute power to become whatever we want to become, even tho its nothing easy.

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