Shifting limiting beliefs: changing our self-image

Manifesting the reality we desire, takes dedication to our inner healing journey. A great part of my work consists of reminding you that we are worthy of our desires and that by shifting our beliefs, our reality shifts as well. However, because sometimes a change takes time, it is crucial to stay consistent with our healing tools and to sooth ourselves while going through the transformation process.

To make the inner work and manifestation journey more tangible, I am introducing a process which can be used to heal our limiting beliefs and to transcend them altogether. Each time you become aware of the limiting thought, shift your inner dialogue to a thought that feels better and that is ultimately truer. It took me years to become aware and to separate the societal conditioning (aka lies) and the beliefs that are serving me to create a life of fulfillment, creativity and peace.

What I am doing here is that I am literally guiding you to the other side of our limiting beliefs. These are all beliefs that I have been at some point working through. My intention for this article is to make the inner work simple and accessible and to guide you through the chaos and hopelessness of limiting thinking to a place of self-love, inner strength and clarity.

The best way to work with these beliefs is to use your own intuition. You can either work on one belief at a time or you can print them out and work in turns on each one of them. You can as well rewrite them to a version that resonates with you more. Just as there are no rules in life – only those we created, there are equaly no rules for this exercise and you cannot do it wrong. The bottom line is to have fun with the proccess and trust your Self to guide you along the way.

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