And then one day the stars and the moon will shine again

No matter where you find yourself, always remember that your worth is never based on the external conditions or the way other people see you.
The world is going to mirror back to you to a great extent your internal beliefs, however, the process of shifting your inner environment takes time, courage and practice.

The subconscious beliefs are subconscious because without knowing it, we pushed them out of our awareness. They are still part of our consciousness, but the feelings associated with them were so uncomfortable at times, that we literally stopped paying attention to them. Nevertheless, these beliefs tend to manifest anyways, so we get the chance to integrate them into our consciousness again by shining the light of awareness on the suppressed and unwanted parts of our being.

We usually dissociated from certain aspects of our being, due to the environment we were growing up in. A big part of our journey is to become whole again and so everything and every person in our lives is going to give us the chance to see the aspects we have refused to see a long time ago.

The best partner in the integration process are our feelings. When we learn to sit with the most uncomfortable ones, we welcome home the pieces of our very own Self that we thought were unworthy of our own love and attention. Then, by shifting the internal image of our Self, our world is going to shift as well. Meanwhile, don´t let anyone:

…. persuade you that you are not enough as you are
…. make you believe that your life is not perfect as it is
…. make you believe that people in your life are not interesting enough or the place you live in is not cool enough
… make you believe that something went wrong or that you are not in perfect time at a perfect place
… make you believe that your feelings are not valid or worthy of your attention

Do things you enjoy doing and enjoy the things you are doing, nothing is more or less significant. Love, love people in your life, but never more than you life yourself. Enjoy beautiful things, enjoy everything you want to enjoy, there is nothing more or less significant.

And then one day the stars and the moon will shine again

and you will see how brave you were back then.

Meanwhile, hold onto your broken faith

and tell yourself that the pieces for which you wait

are finding their way

through this world to end up with you again.

The desires born in your soul

know how to find their way back home.

Your love for what is and what can be

is guiding every single thing to a place it is supposed to be.

Give your world a little time,

so the miracles can unfold right where you are.

Your light is so precious and so beautiful

that every wish made from your heart

is granted by the power that holds the atoms apart.

I know how hard it must be

to live in a world, which cannot see,

how amazing each life should be.

A Miracle Workbook

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