Are your expectations killing you?

This time I would like to talk about the expectations you hold for yourself. We have thousands of expectations of how the world should or shouldn´t be, but what is causing us the most pain are the expectations we think we should fulfill. There is nothing more beautiful than believing you are capable of anything and then letting yourself go into the direction of your desire. However, there is a shadow aspect of the hope we have for ourselves. To be more accurate, I am not even talking about your hopes for yourself, I am talking about the beliefs you have picked up along the way and that you now unconsciously hold as yours, but of which you are always falling short. I believe that you are here to experience everything that you want to experience because desire is a natural part of our existence, nevertheless, a huge part of becoming who you truly are is building up the courage for letting go of every false expectation. The most important spiritual practice is getting honest with your Self first and foremost and then cherishing this truth no matter how others perceive it. Any standard that makes you feel bad about yourself is a self-imposed torture.

What is expected of you

I will tell you a secret… the whole creation wants for you what you want for yourself. So why does life feel so complicated even though it is supposed to be simple? It is mainly because we are looking around us for what can be found only within us. If we fall into the comparison trap and if we start believing that without certain achievements our lives lack meaning, we set ourselves for never-ending hell. The only expectation the whole creation holds for you is to be completely and utterly true to your Self, every moment of every day. The creation expects nothing more or less from you than to be who you already are without the heavy weight of expectations. In order to know what you want, you have to spend enough time with yourself, so it will become easier for you to tune into your inherent wisdom. If an expectation feels like something you should do/become, even though the vision of becoming/doing it suffocates you – it is a false expectation. A true desire of your heart feels like expansion and joy, and like coming home.

Having the courage to love yourself

exactly as you are without any change

is what´s going to keep you close

to the expectations that love holds

for your precious soul.

Diving deep into your beingness

you´ll find an unmovable point of rest

within your core

which always points the way to your true home.

I wish you would forget for a while

that all you should do is to strive

to become different than you are.

Love created you whole

planting a unique purpose in your core

and by trying to change who you truly are

you are only dimming an eternal and divine light

which is a sacred gift

that you have received

upon coming into the realm of lies and deceit.

The light I am pointing you to

is the only map that can show you

the way to the treasure

that transcends every earthly measure.

Your light – your truth – your love,

Guides you gently to who you truly are.

But first you have to let go

of every expectation that is other than the truth that welcomes you home.

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