Becoming the authentic you

If you don´t know your truth yet, there will come a time and it will come very soon when you will be no longer able to live with your Self unless you allow your true self to be expressed. I know that to be who we truly are in our heart is the scariest thing we will ever do here on the surface of the Earth, however, the freedom of living as the real you is beyond measure and beyond any external prize. Today I will provide you with just one tip on how to live your truth. If you are scared like me and like everyone else that you will get rejected the moment you stand up for yourself and the moment you show the world who you truly are, start small. Start with the tiniest least scary action that you can imagine doing. Don´t allow your fear to talk you out of it. Allow yourself to feel joy for a few minutes every day. You will become addicted to your truth. You don´t have to go and wrestle all your fears to the ground today. Follow your intuition, follow your love and provide yourself with enough grace so you will have the space to try and to be free, to live and to feel how joyful your life is supposed to be.

And this is what I would like to leave you with today…

I believe that the truth in my bones

has to be lived in order not to cause

suffering hiding the fear

of being suffocated by what the world thinks is real.

The courage in my veins

burns down any place

that holds me against my will,

meanwhile, the joy in my soul makes the world stand still.

Until love reveals to me

who I came here to be,

my heart always whispers loud

just in case,

I won´t hear its endless grace.

And so does yours and so does everyone´s,

because that is what love always does.

She holds you forever close,

even if all you want to do is cross

to the other side

where you think that all that matters you will finally find.

She waits for you patiently,

because she knows that life yields to you endlessly

truth after truth

until you are ready to come back home to you.

Your heart is waiting while beating silently in your chest

unmovable,  honest, and ready to give you its best.

Once you realize that all that matters

is whether you are ready to live without fearful battles,

joy will rush to fill your space

and miracles will forever bless

what I wish you now see

as your extraordinary life to be.

A Miracle Workbook

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