Tune into your inner wisdom

We go through life learning, looking for answers and trying to find the ultimate source of wisdom or a magic spell that would give us the key to every question that we are ever going to have. The education system teaches us to look for answers outside of ourselves in books, teachers, and other authorities. Almost no one teaches us the importance of unlearning what no longer serves us. One of the most important things that we will ever do is letting go of the idea of who we think we are supposed to be, and embracing who we were all along beneath the artificial layers of obsolete knowledge that we piled on top of the voice of our intuition and inner wisdom. Why is it important to tune into your inherent inner guidance? Because it is the magical key that will give you the answers to the questions you have been looking for and that cannot be satisfied by any teacher or any book. The ultimate goal of every technique should be to lead you to your innermost truth, to your wisdom, to your true Self.

Know that you already know

Before you start practicing tuning into your own wisdom and receiving daily guidance from your intuition, it is helpful to acknowledge that you are all-powerful and that you are not going to find the answers you are looking for in an external source. I write often about how life speaks to us through synchronicities and events, however, in order to receive the message you have to trust the intuitive hints, you receive in the given moments. There is nothing more satisfying than the unfailing sense of trust and knowing that you developed with your Self – with your inner compass that is always pointing to your true north. All you have to do is to let go of any expectations about how or in what form your inner wisdom should guide you and trust that you were created with an inner guidance that is as natural to you as breathing. If we didn´t talk ourselves out of every inspired idea that we have received, we wouldn´t feel lost or confused most of the time. Life is supposed to be lived with clarity and we are supposed to know what to do. You are not disconnected from the source of all life, you just forgot to cultivate the connection.

The first step is to acknowledge that you are the creator of your life experience and the power to change it lies within you.

Embrace what your mind cannot grasp

There are as many ways of intuition speaking to us as there are expressions of life in form. Your heart is going to speak to you through feelings, unshakable sense of knowing, images or sounds. It all depends on what feels more natural to you. Since intuition is meant to be a natural part of our existence, you might not even know that you have been using it all along or maybe you were just afraid to trust something that is ungraspable for others. It can come in any moment and the more you acknowledge it, the more you will feel at ease during your day. Your intuition can reveal to you what your logical mind cannot. You can sense for example what type of food your body needs, you will know when someone is lying to you or when you should invest your time in a certain activity. Intuition is not evidence-based. Evidence always comes later. Those are the moments when you thought for yourself: Oh, I knew it, or I saw it coming! We are a part of one consciousness, one source of life, therefore, everything is interconnected and you can easily tap into the vibrant presence of life that surrounds us and you can receive information that is important to you.

The second step is to stop judging your feelings, inner knowing or images you see in your mind´s eye based on physical evidence. Intuitive hints can´t be explained or forced. They are a gift of life to you and in order to be received your intuition has to be cherished and you have to hold a space for it in your consciousness.

Certainty comes with practice

If you are afraid to act on your intuition, start with observing what is happening in your inner world and see whether the outer world is eventually going to match what you sensed coming. In many cases, without acting on your intuition you won´t be able to see the outcome coming into fruition. However, if taking big action scares you, you can still practice acting on your intuitive insights in the moments when your mind is not going to talk you out of it. For example, when you feel like calling someone – call them, when you feel like going someplace – go there. I can´t tell you what is going to happen in advance, but that is the fun of going with the flow of your inner wisdom. You will discover only later on that life was guiding you all the time right where you were supposed to go, even if all the evidence seemed to be against you. By acting on your intuition, your ability to rely on it, is going to grow and your trust in your wisdom is going to help you to connect to it even more. Buy food that feels right, wear clothes that make you joyful, do activities that bring you inner peace. If you feel like running is not for you, but your heart is beaming when you think of a yoga class – that is your intuition telling you what you need right now. In the beginning, it might be hard to distinguish between the feeling of fear-based judgment and that of intuition in certain circumstances or relationships.  However, you have to make a practice out of observing your inner state of being and with time, you will be more skilled in detecting whether an impulse is coming from unresolved fear or from knowing that something is not in alignment with your inner knowing.

The third step is acting on your intuition. Start small, so that your fear won´t be able to talk you out of it, and then wait for the evidence to support what you have known/seen/heard in advance. The more you practice, the more you will trust yourself and meanwhile, you can have a lot of fun and many revelations showing you how powerful you truly are.

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