Reconnecting to your true nature: Practicing mindfulness

Every single one of us desires a life filled with joy and happiness and I think that this desire inherent to each of us connects us on a deeper level as human beings. However, where we differ are the ways through which we are looking for happiness and joy. I believe that in order to find true joy and meaning we, eventually, have to turn inward first and foremost and find the connection to our true Self – to our heart – because without this connection we will be always looking for the next thing to make us happy without realizing that what we carry within us has the power to change everything around us.

There is meaning in everything

As long as you see something in your life as meaningless, it robs you of your power to create. The loving intelligence, which created you and me, doesn´t yield anything that would be unnecessary. Every single thing, person, and event has its place in the grander scheme of things. Therefore, next time you think you have to do some kind of activity you dread, but cannot avoid, for the time being, allow it to simply be a part of your life, don´t resist it and find the beauty and the purpose behind you doing the dishes or you commuting to work. When we learn to embrace things we previously resisted, we find out that there is nothing to fight against anymore. Each prejudice and each judgment stems from a lack of understanding. It doesn´t mean that you have to put up with things that are not in alignment with your integrity. The idea I would like to convey to you is that once you understand what you previously judged or hated, you gain your power back and you can always walk away in peace without compromising your truth.

It always comes down to who you are being

Everything you ever wanted was dear to you because of the feeling you thought you would get from the experience of achieving it. In order to be the creator of your life, you have to learn to connect with the wisdom of your being – the wisdom of your heart – and allow yourself to be happy and joyful wherever you are and in whatever you do. The feelings you experience have the power to create your reality and to shift the quality of your life. Your feelings change your inner state and, therefore, they change the way you experience your day-to-day life. How you feel about your life and most importantly how you feel about yourself determines how you are going perceive people and experiences that you encounter. The simplest way to change the way you feel about yourself is to pay attention to what kind of image you hold about yourself, to question your thoughts about who you think you are and then to connect with the truth of who you truly are. The one single most important thing in our lives is our connection to our Self, to our wisdom and to our love, joy, and peace.

You can´t give others more than you give yourself

And by giving I mean giving time, money, help or any type of effort from your part. If you feel obliged to give or if you are giving from a place of lack, it is better not to give at all. If you give, because you think that you would be a bad person, if you didn´t, then do not give at all. If you feel that by giving, you are stealing from yourself, then do not give at all. The truth is that you can´t give what you, yourself, do not have and by giving you realize how much you have been given. On a spiritual level giving and receiving are one in truth. However, sometimes in our daily lives, we have to balance the giving and receiving so we won´t feel either used or separate from others. If you feel obliged to give, you will encounter people who will feel comfortable receiving from you and they won´t respect or appreciate your time and your non-existent boundaries whatsoever. Therefore, no matter what any religion or teacher says, your highest authority lies within you and if you feel depleted it is probably because you are and you have to learn how to take care of yourself first, before you are able to give from a place of abundance and without expecting anything in return. Because that is the true meaning o a gift – you give because you have enough and it brings you joy to share with the world what you know you have an abundance of.

Life speaks to you through you

The flow of your everyday experience is not an accident and you are not a victim of what happens to you. Every thing, person, and idea that comes to you is based on who you have previously engaged with, what kind of thoughts you have believed to be true, but also what you have pushed against or created resistance to. Life is going to bring you everything you need and exactly when you need it in order to liberate you from any kind of fear, lack or bondage you thought exists only to give you a chance to break your Self free from the image fear created in your mind´s eye. You start becoming free when you decide to pay attention to your life and take responsibility for everything that comes your way. The moment you take responsibility for your life the power that was always yours is going return to where it always belonged: to your being, your self-expression, your mind, and your heart. Your life is speaking to you all day every day, you just have to be willing to listen with an open mind and a loving heart.

A Miracle Workbook

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