Give up the guilt: How to go through transformation with grace

I am sure you have experienced countless situations when you told yourself “I should have known better”. And I am here today to tell you that, actually, you should not… You simply knew all you were supposed to know then and in that particular moment in time what you knew was all you were able to handle. Now, when you know better, you can do better. NOW, you can do better and a part of doing better is not beating yourself up for what you didn´t know then, because it will leave you blind to what is in front of you now.

Be patient with yourself

As simple as it may seem, but there is immense truth in the saying that you don´t know what you don´t know. Experiences often serve as catalysts or mirrors for the patterns that we carry within us, but of which we are not aware consciously. I believe with all my heart that the desires that bring you joy and the dreams you want to accomplish were given to you as a gift for you and for this world, however, often times a pure desire is a tool that your heart uses so the real you can emerge from beneath the layers of learned habits and false beliefs. Once you admit to yourself that you can no longer live with your current thought patterns, everything in life will rush to help you right where you are.

The silent willingness in your heart to see things differently will provide you with people, opportunities and circumstances that will peel off layer after layer of false premises and illusions. When you start to be willing to see things differently, you will have to go through a process during which you will be reborn again and again and in the end, you will be left only with more of who you truly are. Sometimes you will think that you need a miracle, only to realize later that you are your miracle. The power and wisdom that emerged from the center of your being are going to rearrange everything on the outside. Your transformation is the greatest miracle of all and the love that you will find for yourself through the process is going to heal the world.

Your apparent weaknesses are not weaknesses at all

You and your life are not separate. When we give ourselves the permission to embrace and love ourselves right now, exactly as we are, we will find the peace that we have been looking for and we will liberate ourselves to express our true nature. The support system you need in order to be comfortable as who you truly are in this world is most probably going to be built through what you perceive to be your weaknesses. You are not flawed and you never were. Your weaknesses are your stepping stones to freedom, but you won´t be able to see them as such unless you accept each and every one of them. Love created you perfect, beautiful and exactly as you need to be. You can´t let go of anything until you love it the way it is.

If you feel that you need to let go of a certain type of behavior or thinking pattern, do it with grace and never ever beat yourself up. Things you want to change now might have been useful in the past and the fact that you want to let go of them doesn´t mean that they are bad in and of themselves. For instance, certain reactions to past situations might have helped you to survive while growing up, but now they are holding you back in the further revelation of your inner truth and wisdom. Therefore, don´t judge yourself for the way you are, don´t blame yourself for being a certain way, because you have been that way for a reason. Believe me, you are not broken and you will be always coming to know more of who you are in your heart and it doesn´t mean that you are not perfect right now, just as you are.

Learn to trust yourself again

Often times anger, frustration and feelings of unease appear as results of us not trusting our inner wisdom. I, myself, often times followed my intuition and it led me straight into situations which resulted in nothing else but a great learning experience. And guess what? It was exactly what I needed at that time to become who I was supposed to be in order to experience life with more joy, love, and ease. The transformative moments are often not fun and not easy when you find yourself right in the middle of them, but you have to start trusting yourself and the loving intelligence, which created you and which is always available to you, and know that you will be guided by insights, revelations, synchronicities and intuition all along the way. Learn to be your best friend, trust your inner guidance and know that every apparent problem is there for you, to show you where your light is not shining fully and to bring you back to the only solution – your connection with your real Self.

My dear brave heart,

I want to apologize for tearing you apart.

You were always there for me,

Whispering the words I was afraid to hear.

Your promises always seemed

too good to be real.

Now that I know my true strength,

I am finally not afraid to wait,

so you can build me from the inside out

while I continue to live my life.

I felt your wisdom guiding me,

even though I was still not a member of my team.

You taught me how to walk my dream

and how to always say what I mean.

You taught me that your love is the greatest gift

and you showed me my power to uplift.

You taught me that I am the one I have been waiting for

and that you are forever pointing to my true north.

My dear brave heart, now I am finally one with you

and I will no longer betray what you know to be true.

A Miracle Workbook

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