Tap into your peace

As you read the following words, come back to your breath and imagine for a moment who you would be, if you suddenly couldn´t remember any of your worries, any of your expectations and any of your current beliefs. Imagine that there is no past, neither a future to take care of and that you are completely free. Free to rest in your own embrace and to enjoy your own presence with nowhere to go, nothing to do and no one to be with right now. Let the ease of your peace fill your mind and body. Give up every confusing thought and realize that there is nothing that requires your immediate attention in this moment and instead accept your own peace, your own joy and your own love.

Let these feelings nourish your tired mind and allow it to rest for a little bit while you sink into the space of your heart. Return to yourself. Place your attention on your breath. Your breath itself is a miracle. You have been breathing all day long without having to pay attention. Right now you are supported by life. There is more than enough air to breath, the chair is supporting your body and your heart is keeping you alive. What if I tell you that this is the moment you were born for? Not the next one, not the one that might happen in ten years, neither the one that no longer exists. This moment is it. And just when you realize that this one is over, the next one is manifesting itself effortlessly right within and around you. Love still tirelessly provides you graciously with a new breath, a new life and a new heartbeat. You didn´t have to deserve them nor did you have to worry about where the next one is coming from. The next moment happens naturally, effortlessly and with ease. Our lives are strings of these effortless moments always happening now. Without our worries, expectations and beliefs, each moment can be always new, full of grace and kindness, full of wonder and gratefulness.

Thoughts happen. They come and go and you don´t have to believe them at all. When you start being conscious of your thoughts, the next moment they appear out of nowhere, you will be able to see that they are not always true – especially when they cause a stressful or fearful reaction in your body. To meet your thoughts is to meet the thoughts of everyone else, to feel the presence beyond your thoughts is to know your Self and to know the essence of each one of us. You respect your Self by giving yourself time to sit with your thoughts, with your feelings and at the same time allowing them to be revealed to you. If a feeling of sadness comes without any apparent reason, just let it exist, observe it and allow it to pass through you. This time don´t judge it as good or bad. Hold a space for it in your awareness and let it exist as long as it needs to exist. One time a thought might pass through your mind like a playful white cloud passes over a clear summer sky. Other times it may feel like a heavy dark storm that will clear your mind only after you have allowed it to be transformed into salty raindrops watering your cheeks.

Remember that you are still safe. You are held and supported by the all-embracing loving presence that breathes through you. Don´t resist any apparent obstacle you might be facing now. Welcome the feelings arising from the situation, let them pass through you and be aware that your presence is spacious enough to accept them all. Pay attention to every feeling that exists in you and acknowledge them all. You honor yourself by honoring your feelings. You have the right to feel every one of them. And when they are finally allowed to be expressed in the loving space of your consciousness, peace will be all you are left with. Bottomless peace and joy will welcome you home.

Anything we resist grows greater and greater until we are finally ready to surrender. In letting go we realize that our presence is more powerful than anything we were afraid of. Love is the power, fear is not. Awareness is the eternal light, illusions are not. Peace is the strength, suffering is not. Let´s embrace fear with love, let´s shine the light of our awareness on every false illusion and let´s feel that during any kind of suffering, there is still an ocean of peace available for us.

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