To be you is all you came here to do

When all the different possibilities, which are available to us, change into goals, our expectations can leave us feeling confused, inadequate and lost. We end up feeling like we have to stay busy all the time, otherwise we would be missing out on various opportunities. It sometimes feels like the well-intended messages, which were meant to inspire us to discover what we are capable of, don´t leave enough space for us to accept who we are right now. Our need to achieve perfection doesn´t stem from love at all. When you love yourself you are deliberately willing to change those aspects of your beliefs and behavior that are detrimental to your self-expression. However, your effort is not coming from fear or from the need to prove your worthiness to someone else. In order to change what no longer serves you, you don´t need to beat yourself up for who you are. Being aware of the thought patterns that are the cause of fear and stress in our mind and body is often times the most empowering step we can take. It is not fear, neither denial of who we now are or motivation coming from outside that helps us to transform our lives, but in the end it is always the light of our awareness. Love for who we know we truly are in our heart is the only power capable of creating lasting change, because it shifts the way we see ourselves.

Always striving to become the better version of ourselves leaves us depleted and in pain, because it makes us believe that who we are is not enough and will never be. So if it were only for one day, but give yourself a permission to drop all the plans and expectations you held for your life and experience what it means to be free and to breathe in peace. You have to admit that holding an image of who you are supposed to be in your mind, day in and day out, and to constantly fall short of this ideal is exhausting. The image that our mind holds onto prevents us from realizing that we are always who we need to be. I invite you to open your mind to a new reality – the reality where you already are all you need to be. If you are afraid that it will make you lazy and complacent, you have never before experienced the power of peace and clarity. Accepting your Self, your feelings and your needs is courageous, life-giving and liberating. In the reality I invited you to ponder, you don´t feel guilty of every moment of joy, fun and ease and you no longer believe that suffering is the way to what your heart desires. In this reality you don´t attach your worth to productivity and you know you are enough just because you exist. You don´t allow anyone – especially not yourself – to make you feel guilty for doing things just for the fun of it, and your joy is no longer a goal, but it is a way of life when you allow yourself to feel good and to be at ease with who you are.

And then a day will come,

when you will allow yourself to be content with who you truly are.

You will realize that your inner peace

is not attached to the opinions in magazines,

because no one will ever know,

how to cope with what is going on

in a world that you created on your own.

Without holding tightly onto your beliefs

each moment has the power to reveal itself to you in peace.

By letting go of all

that would oppose who you are at your core,

the most beautiful world will knock on your door.

The days that you experience

are full of subtle grace.

It is up to you

to let it fearlessly pass through.

Meanwhile, know that it is not up to you

to decide what others perceive to be true.

Let your light shine without shame or guilt

and promise me you will never quit

allowing your joy to grow

and through it always finding your way home.


you are still allowed not to be always found at your best.

And finally, give yourself the grace

of not comparing your pace with that of someone else.

A Miracle Workbook

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