Living your life facing the sun

I am writing this to you,

the you who is lost and doesn´t know what to do.

Listen to me my sweet friend,

if you don´t compare your life to the ideal you hold in your head,

isn´t the one you live extremely brave?

You wake up every morning

without ever knowing what will come your way…

People can tell you to plan your life,

but if you´ve lived long enough you know that it is an immense lie.

To be strong, to crush your goal,

to never rest till you soar.

That is not even close

to the real everyday joys.

Let me remind you what it is that always restores your peace:

Come back to where you are and know that what you tried to find

was always kept safe in the center of your heart.

Anything you think you need

in order to feel complete

is an idea that keeps you from

discovering that you were whole all along.

Put aside your pride and start loving your life now,

because the other way around it is just too hard.

The same way as you don´t breathe on your own

and as your heart started to beat long before you were born,

I assure you that there is a purpose to it all

and it unravels only to those

who are brave enough to go

when love calls them home.

Bless those who tried to find their value in working hard

and who were told to shut down their heart.

However, you are not here to prove your value,

neither to plan your joy in a schedule.

Love is a way of life when all the trying hard falls apart

in an awareness of your ageless light.

And so, a value of one life can never be known.

Bear with me just for a little while,

because I want you to remember that joy is never too far.

Living your life facing the sun

only to soak in its beauty is totally fine.

When you know how to go

with your innermost flow,

no matter how long it takes,

you will be carried through life by unprecedented grace.

Never believing what the world fears

is the only way to inner peace.

I don´t know how far an open mind and a warm smile can get you,

the only thing I know is that living a life without them is simply too painful.

One last phrase

and then I will leave you to live a life full of grace:

you don´t need to be strong,

neither to push through it all along,

because once you realize

that it requires no effort to let go of all the lies,

you will be free

to become only who YOU want to be.

A Miracle Workbook

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