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Love or attachment?

In order to sink into peace you have to be willing to let go of every belief that you thought was you, even though it was hurting when you believed it to be true, and listen to the wisdom of your heart to reveal each and every loveless stunt that you tried to impose upon your mind. These tricks can sound like: I am not good enough, I am hopeless, I should be thinner, kinder, better, smarter… She should support me, he should understand me… Lies can look different, but they are all one and the same and they want to persuade us that we are not worthy of love in any form: neither of our own love nor of love and support coming from the relationships in our life.

Unless we love and accept ourselves without a single condition, we won´t be able to be in an honest relationship with anyone else. Until you accept yourself fully, you will use every relationship as a means of getting what you think you have been lacking without it. Therefore, we evaluate everyone according to what we can get from them and when they fail to fulfill our expectations, we will in all righteousness exclaim that they don´t love us and never did. We confuse love with attachment and then call it blind. Nothing of this world is clearer and more foreseeing than love. Love makes you whole with or without what you thought you were lacking and this wholeness always comes from you – from the center of your heart, from the connection to all of creation. Others can focus their loving attention on you, but the moment they decide to withdraw their attention or to focus it on something or someone else and you are not being connected to your own source of love, the experience of the apparent lack of love will be painful.

These words are here to remind you that even in the midst of the worst loss you think you have experienced you can always feel safe to exhale with relief, because love is still here. Be where you are right now and allow the grace of your experience to guide you at pace that was designed by the rhythm of love´s presence in you. Beyond the right and the wrong, the rise and the fall is where you realize that you are still whole. Every time you choose to come back to your peace, you experience that love is still here. Every time you wake up from a fearful belief, you experience that joy is still here. This time you don´t have to rely on anyone outside of yourself to bring you the light, because light is here. Without the lies that you don´t have to believe, your mind is pure love and your heart will always guide you to who you truly are before the beginning of time.

Sometimes it takes a little bit of practice to be again at home in love and to feel our own peace,

A Miracle Workbook

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