When all of you is too much

The content of your heart is sacred. It connects you to all of life – to your Creator. Some of us will come into your life and will never grasp your depth, because we see you only through our physical eyes. However, when the timing is perfect, life will bring you those who were created to see all of you. They will see you through the eyes of love and they will know the content of your heart because the vision of love will reveal it to them. Before you embrace all of who you are, be mindful with whom you share all of what love has revealed to you. For some, all of you is just too much. They are not ready and that is fine. Never ever stop believing in the truth of your heart, only because someone else is not fearless enough to recognize it in themselves, as well, and their fears make them scared of your love. Cherish the sacred place where you and the universe meet and share it only with those who were sent to you for this purpose and are ready to see you truly for all of who you are.

None of us are special and all of us are equal in the connection to the all-embracing presence of love. However, some of us are more willing to let our fears go, because we have been tired for long enough now of resisting the life that is flowing through us. Those of us who are ready to stop resisting the light in themselves are those who will be able to recognize the light in you. Meanwhile, your work is to recognize this light in all and see them as worthy, enough and whole right where they are. When you are connected to your heart, you are not creating any barriers between you and the person you come into contact with. They can then choose to meet you where you are or if they are not ready yet, they can project a barrier of resistance between them and your love. None of that will have to do anything with you. You just have to be all of who you are and others either choose to be transformed by the power of your heart or they don´t. It is not up to you to decide for them. Your work is to allow the connection to your Self to flow through you wherever you are and in whatever you do.

If someone else is not able to see your light, your light is not being affected by their lack of awareness. If someone else is too scared to believe that life is supposed to feel good, their beliefs don´t deny the goodness of your life. If someone else is choosing fear again and again, your capacity to choose love is not diminished by their choice. This is your life, your choice and your heart. Even though your life, your light and your love touch everyone you meet and also those you haven´t met yet, the choice is still yours and yours only. No one is standing between you and the desire of your heart. You can always choose again and you can always choose love as long as you are blessed with the next breath. That is the right you have received with this life. Your joy is yours only and accepting your happiness is all you are here for.

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