Letting go of expectations

Expectation serves either as a threshold of connection to the field of infinite possibilities when used by a heart full of gratitude or as a self-imposed tool of torture when abused by a confused mind that sees itself as separate. When you place your awareness within you and listen to the voice of the creation, the freshness of expectation becomes life-giving. In the moments you are connected to who you truly are, you expect nothing less than miracles. Love in your heart assures you that you are supported by life in every way and that the magic of your days unfolds in the grace of the unknown. Your security comes from knowing that joy is always with you and that the goodness that connects us all is guiding you to people and places you have been getting ready for. You know that every detour from you expectation is much-needed and in time greatly appreciated. Force of life guides you to your miracles, which are incomprehensible to many, but deeply valued by your Self.

In the moments our mind led by worries runs days or months ahead and it tries to project the known past onto the unknown future, the expectation often results in excruciating pain. In the instances when some things don´t go the way we thought they were supposed to, our old thinking patterns try to persuade us that, eventually, we might not be worthy of our heart´s desires and that maybe love forgot that she created us whole and now we are lacking because she is not responding to our fearful call… maybe the promise of joy was not supposed to be fulfilled within us after all.

However, if you read this call, know that it is your heart guiding you back home. The light within you is so strong that if you choose it to be so, it shines away every fearful thought. If the pattern of your thoughts suggests that you are not where you were supposed to be, listen to the all-revealing voice of creation that knows you are right where it guided you to go. Hear the song of your heart and your expectations will fade in its light. In the familiar sound of this song, every thought is being dissolved. So, here is what love wants you to know:

You are guided, taken care of and supported in thousands of ways by the power of love´s grace.

Love never creates redundantly only abundantly, therefore, every event, every human, every thought and every feeling that you experience happens right on time and it is serving a divinely inherent purpose familiar only to your heart.

There is nowhere to hurry and nothing to do except to experience the most exquisite unfoldment of your truth.

Expect love and support on every step, because that is what you always get, even though your mind can´t grasp this concept, yet.

 You are never alone and thousands of beings of love are cheering you on, making your heart´s desires manifest in this world.

Listening to the knowing in your chest – is when you are found at your best. Remember that love never forgets and certainty is what rests.

Wherever you think you go, your journey always directs you back home. Your home is right within you, whenever your heart is full.

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