Are your beliefs supporting you?


Think of one relationship in your life that you believe is a source of your unhappiness, sadness or your low self-esteem. Find a person who thinks that you are incompetent, immature, unattractive, lazy, unsuccessful or makes you feel inferior. Keep the image of that person in your mind. Now, let´s look together at what is the source of your stress or tension. The mind immediately goes to the situation where this person wronged you or said something that you thought wasn´t true for you and in that moment you immediately started to feel bad. Sometimes you may even feel powerless or hopeless. I will share with you one of the things I discovered when questioning my thoughts (which you can learn how to do at No one can make you feel miserable without your permission, not now and not ever. If someone says that I am hopeless, ugly or unsuccessful, instead of attacking them for what they believe, which I always leave up to them, I turn inwards to myself and I allow my inner wisdom to show me what is true for me. Is it possible that I felt hopeless, ugly or unsuccessful in the situation where the person said these words to me? If I, myself, felt that way, the person didn´t do anything except pointed out what I have already been thinking. They have just magnified what I thought was true about myself and gave me an opportunity to go within and discover why I would believe something that hurts. However, if I look within myself and I see that what they have said has nothing to do with me as I see myself, then I can either walk away from them in peace or I can ask them why they think what they think and maybe I will receive some interesting feedback.

A thought that brings me peace is true to who I am, a thought that causes stress or suffering needs to be questioned, so I can set myself free. The moment I start judging the person for what they have said, I feel disconnected from them and from myself and I am not open to other possibilities than to be at war with them. We attack when our beliefs are in danger. That is why we have to go beyond the beliefs to the place of truth which can be found only in our heart. When you love the way you live your life and you have your unconditional love and support, the whole world can say that you are not successful and you would simply not believe it because you know in the center of your being that that is not true for you. However, when you sometimes feel successful and other times not and then someone says it out loud, your whole world crumbles, because now “others” know what you have been thinking secretly. The most important relationship is the one you have with your Self, with the truth of who you are. If your thoughts support your truth, then nothing and no one can stop you. If your thoughts make you feel sad, hurt or frustrated instead of making you feel peaceful then it is time to look whether what you are believing supports the truth of who you are.

Only your opinion about yourself matters

Your opinion about yourself is what creates you life experience. If you think you are ugly, no matter how many times we say that you are beautiful, you won´t believe us. If you think you are hopeless, you won´t be able to see all the hope that surrounds you. The more your opinion about yourself joins with the opinion love has of you, the more miraculous your life becomes. Love, which created you, has approved of you before you or anyone else had the chance to doubt her knowing. You live in a state of grace where everything is happening for you and nothing has ever happened against you. And all the people who apparently let you down, left you or didn´t support you? They gave you the greatest gift possible, because they left this privilege up to you. Now you can, finally, become your best friend and you can learn to support and love your Self. And anyways, no one will ever understand your Self better than you do. Only you and the loving intelligence that created you knows precisely what has been stored in your heart. Your work is to realize it for yourself and then by the way you live, others can see the glimpses of what your heart contains and see the reflection of their heart in yours.

When you give up all the false premises and beliefs that have been holding you back, you can start living from the sacred space of your heart. Only when we start living from our hearts, all the comparison and judgment can be forever dissolved and we won´t feel the need to compare the way we live our life with the way others live theirs. In the moment we start being true to who we are, we understand that every one of us has an indescribable value and that they are a part of a wonderful adventure that we were given the opportunity to live together. Love yourself and see your value and only then you will be able to see our value and love us for who we really are, as well. Until then what you hold back from yourself, you will have to hold back from us, because you will believe in lack and in competition. Give yourself the whole world and there is nothing you can be afraid of. No one has been judging you more harshly than you have been judging yourself and no one was less loving toward you than you were toward your Self. All of us have our truth stored in our hearts and we have to live it out in different ways to be able to experience the harmony we create as a whole.

When you sink into the peace of your heart you will be able to hear our joined truth resonating until the end of time,

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