The art of being you


The times in life when we feel lost and when it seems that we have to push through to achieve what we think we want are exactly the times to get still, stop listening to the chatter coming from outside world or our over-stimulated minds and start listening to what our heart really wants. When your world apparently falls apart, know that something much more beautiful is going to emerge from the broken pieces. Every situation and relationship is here to show you more of who you are. It is an opportunity for yourself to know your Self. So how to allow the connection to who you really are to guide you throughout this exciting journey of life?

Allow yourself to be immersed in the moments of joy

Whether it is having a cup of tea and reading a book early in the morning, watching your favorite movie or going for a walk, if it makes you feel lighter and you enjoy doing it, then you should be doing it as often as possible. Life is not a competition in who can make themselves suffer more, even if it from time to time seems like that. We are here to experience more life, more love, more joy and anything that helps you to express and experience who you are at your core is valuable and it is here for you to enjoy. Before the truth of who you are can be revealed to you, you have to make time for it. You have to make your well-being a priority. If you feel confused and depleted, it is time to retreat from the world and to tend to your inner state of being. There is nothing more beneficial you can offer this world than tuning into the wisdom of your being, the heart of your heart. And this wisdom is received in the moments of stillness, joy and open-mindedness.

Staying in your own business

Often times the mental confusion is caused by the fact that we pay attention to everything and everyone without being aware of our own inner world and life. Every time you feel empty, confused or sad, ask yourself this question: Where am I in my mind? I know from my own experience that when I am mentally in someone else´s life, solving their problems for them or I am thinking about how they should be living their life, I am not here to live my own and, therefore, I am experiencing the feelings of emptiness, sadness and frustration. Comparison is exactly the same thing. I believe that nothing robs you of your joy and vital life force as quickly as comparison. It is one of the fastest highways to mental hell and suffering. In the moments you are comparing your life to someone else´s life, from now on, be aware of the fact that what you are comparing are only images in your head that have nothing to do with the reality of your lives. If you are interested in how to stop the comparison game, I believe this post can be helpful.

Truth and honesty can bloom only in a heart watered regularly with self-love

I believe we create our lives with our desires, thoughts, believes and intentions. I equally believe that in order to transcend the aspects of our selves that are creating suffering in our lives, we have to acknowledge them, see them for what they are and, finally, accept them as a part of who we are in this moment. This means to be honest with ourselves. Learning to own who we are now and to re-connect to the parts of ourselves that we disowned, hated or were ashamed of is the start of our own healing process. There are no words more powerful than I am willing to change and I am willing to see things differently. When you admit it to yourself and to the force of love within your heart, there is nothing in this world that can stop you from becoming who you truly want to be and who you know you truly are. In order to be honest with your Self and others you must have your unconditional love and support. Yes, you read it correctly – you must have YOUR unconditional love and support. That is all it takes for you to realize that you are supposed to live a joyful life, that your life and your experiences are not random and that your life is indescribably important for the whole existence.

May you have the courage to see things differently… to see them as your heart sees them,


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