Hey, soul sister!


Today I would like to share a piece of my heart with every woman who is discouraged, lost hope or is looking for more meaning in her life. I am going to talk from my experience of how I used to give my power away and how I tend to do it every now and again and how I blame everyone else, before I gather the courage to look into my own eyes and see in them the only source of love and encouragement I have been waiting for. My dear friend, bear with me for a few moments and I hope that when you have finished reading the following words, your heart will be lighter and your vision clearer.

I know that very soon we will master the art of being by ourselves and at the same time full of joy and love. So far, we have used everything that was not working to soothe our self-imposed pain and emptiness. No relationship, no work, no food, no drink and no store can substitute the truth, give you the power you have been looking for and heal the hole in your soul. The truth is that wherever you go, you will meet only more of what you carry within. The world is a reflection of your relationship with your Self. People are going to treat you the way you deep down believe you deserve to be treated. Women can endure a lot of pain and bad treatment, but only because we think we deserve it. There are some insane thoughts running rampant in our consciousness and they need to be questioned and seen for what they are – illusions and lies. So read carefully and let each one of the truths find a place in your mind. Your heart knows them all along:

You are worthy, whole, enough and beautiful right now, just as you are and wherever you are.

You are not worthy only after you have finished the university and got the job. You are not whole only after you are in a relationship or married or have children. You are not enough only after you have met everyone´s expectations. You are not beautiful only after your hips are smaller, your legs longer and your breasts bigger.

You are more than enough, more than worthy, more than whole and more than beautiful.  You are carrying a love so immense and so powerful in your heart that it can supply the world´s power plants for weeks without running out. Your soul is so bright that it has been shining through everything that you have experienced and it gets brighter every day. Your smile can stop a war and the goodness of your heart has the power to bring peace to all.

You deserve ONLY love and respect.

The world is not going to remind you who you really are, that is what your heart is for. But before it can reveal its truth, it needs you to take care of it. Take care of your heart, so its love can take care of you. Choose to be true to who you are and nothing in this world can touch you. When you are filled with your love, you see your Self clearly and you see everyone else for who they really are, as well. Marry you own heart and every relationship will be an extension of the one you have with your Self. Know who you are and you have the power to bring this understanding back to the confused world. The world then suddenly becomes alive by the love you have found for yourself.

You are powerful

It is time to claim the power we have over our own lives. Time to stop blaming the parents who didn´t know better. And time to stop blaming men who were as broken and as confused as we once were. We are in this together now. In this moment a fresh new life is waiting for you. A life where you are no longer a victim or a fellow sufferer, but a life, where you wake up every morning and give your day over to love. A life where you no longer hide your talents, your wit, your intelligence and your passions. A life where you and the force of light are in charge of your days. A life that blesses everyone around you as you bloom in your love.

We are co-creators in the beauty of life

Blaming men for our despair is like hitting another blind person with a stick because you, yourself, haven´t been able to see clearly. I am not saying that they didn´t provide you with opportunities to suffer, however, what I really mean is that if we don´t know how to treat ourselves better, how can we expect it from them? They are not the ones who have the strength to carry new lives into this world. We are the bridge to the tenderness of love, we are the representation of the sweetness of joy and we are the creativity of life in motion. We are the living and breathing examples of grace, goodness, inner strength and peace. Now is the right time to embrace all of who we are and to own it with every heartbeat. A time to hold a vision of peace in our minds wherever we go and to represent grace for all. No more hiding, no more soul crushing excesses, no more fear and no more hate.

I ask you, my soul sister, to hold my hand as I am holding yours and let´s choose together a much brighter and a much kinder world. A world where we support and cherish our own Selves and each other. A world where our love flows freely to all and where our power is finally known. A world where peace is the norm and where every child has a home. A world so beautiful and graceful that it is a direct reflection of who we truly are as women. And so it is.


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