The lies we tell ourselves


My experience of life has shifted radically when I started to question my thought patterns and when I started to pay attention to what I held as the truth in my mind. We often don´t realize how powerful we are and that we can choose our inner state of being. The day when you will have enough of the lies you believed, is the day when the old thought patterns will gradually let go of you and your true nature will be all that you are left with. I am going to share with you two false beliefs, which are holding your light back, and the truths they are hiding from your own awareness. You might not be aware that you have been thinking these thoughts all along, because once you had believed them, they became subconscious. However, you can still recognize them by their effects, which manifest as feelings of frustration, despair, anger, fear, sadness and these thoughts affect every relationship in your life. So let´s set ourselves free:

Lie #1: I want him/her/them to see my value and I want him/her/them to understand who I really am.

How do you live your life when you believe this thought? Is it not exhausting and at the same time frustrating to make someone else understand your value? Have you realized who you really are for yourself? We betray our own Self every time we go “out there” to find what have been missing within. The effort and the time it takes to make everyone else like you when you don´t know how to like yourself… And the things you think you have to do in order for them to like you!  This kind of thinking deprives you of your own life force and makes you feel miserable. The only way out is in – this is what the whole world is for: to show you what you have realized and have not realized, yet, for yourself. Therefore, how you treat yourself is how the others are going to treat you. When you understand who you really are and you start owning the power you have over your own life, your life becomes magical. You are your best friend and other people are a bonus. You don´t need anyone to acknowledge your value anymore. The moment you set other people free, you become free as well – free to be who your heart calls you to be.

Truth #1: I want me to see my value and I want me to understand who I really am.

This is an example of sane thinking. Only when YOU realize that YOU need to value yourself, the need to persuade someone else about your worth loses its power over you and you gain your life back. Every single person who wasn´t able to see or acknowledge your value, gave you the greatest gift possible. They allowed you to discover your value for yourself and thus to become unconditional in your love for your Self. Believe me, you don´t want your value to depend on the opinion of others and you don´t want their ideas of who you are determine who you really are. Your life is yours to be lived, created and enjoyed. No one can decide for you, unless you give your power away. And you are giving your precious power away when you think they should value or understand you. That, my daring friend, is your job and yours only. And what can be a greater assignment than to love and understand yourself?

When you know that you are alive by the power of the most exquisite love – the love that created a space for every planet, sun, moon and you – your self-esteem can´t be moved and no one can touch your worth, diminish who you are or dim your light. Your knowing of your value becomes unshakable and unbreakable. Listen to the truth of your being and transcend far beyond the beliefs of this world into a place of inner stillness and a joy so profound that you wouldn´t want to exchange it for anything – not for a false belief, neither for fear, anger or confusion. You become the master of your life, when you no longer associate your worth with material objects, people or social status. Then you are really unstoppable. Once you know that your goodness and your value are granted by the force that makes you alive, you are free and you no longer feel the need to chase anything. You stand right where you have been all this time, but the realization that you are the center of your universe and that you deserve your love first and foremost, is going to change everything within you and around you.

Lie #2: I want him/her/them to support me, love me and be always there for me.

Before you know how to support yourself, you won´t be able to receive support from anyone else and you won´t know how to wholeheartedly support another human being. The thing is that you will let in only as much love as you think you deserve and you will experience only as much goodness as you believe you are worthy of. Let this sink in for a moment. You will allow others to support you only to the extent to which you know how to support yourself. And when you think you are not lovable, you are not going to support yourself. Why would you? You think you don´t deserve your support and love. So instead of loving yourself, you project this belief onto the outside world and see yourself as someone who does not deserve to be supported by others either.

Truth #2: I want me to support me, love me and be always there for me.

This statement can go against everything you have ever believed or thought to be true. However, when you give it a chance, it can lead you to everything you have ever wanted. This one truth is going to show you the path of freedom, power and happiness. Nevertheless, this kind of freedom comes with the realization that no one other than you is responsible for your own happiness and freedom. From now on you become the master of your life and the person, who always supports you, loves you and is there for you. Know that the whole existence is here to support you, but you won´t be able to realize it unless you start cooperating with it and unless you support yourself as well. Until you love your Self, you won´t know how to support your Self. Until you know how to support you Self, you won´t know how to always be there for your Self.

You support your Self by living out your truth. It does not mean that you have to change your whole life in one instant. Change what kind of beliefs you are willing to believe and live a life that is true to who you are right now. Your inner wisdom is going to be your how. Anything that doesn´t feel right or that brings you pain and suffering is not right for you and this is not going to change, no matter how many times you try to talk yourself into it. When your inner world changes, the outer world has to catch up. It is inevitable, because it is given by a law that governs this universe. As within, so without. The earth shifts to accommodate your new state of being.

These truths are now yours to behold and when you allow yourself to sit with them and to ponder them in stillness, your heart is going to speak to you through them,


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