Manifest YOU II.

Let´s continue in transcending the beliefs we hold about manifesting and desires in the second part of Manifest YOU:


What is the meaning behind the concept of letting go

You have to hold your desires very lightly so they will be eventually only pointing the direction of your life instead of holding you hostage to the future. Desire is helping you to know yourself better and to allow the creative force of love to flow through you, so you can experience who you truly are. The connection to the force, which created you and which provides you with every breath, is what allows you to let go and to trust that what is meant for you will materialize itself at the right time – that means only when your heart is ready. The attitude of making something happen is only creating a gap between you and the actual time of manifestation. You are experiencing this life because you were given the opportunity to do so and you agreed with it wholeheartedly. If you are feeling lost, it is because you are relying on the power of your body connected with the power of your mind, instead of the power of your heart illuminating your mind. Your body has no will of its own. It follows the instructions coming from your mind. And your mind can´t function properly without acknowledging the power of love, which is coming from the core of your being, from the heart of your heart. When you allow yourself to believe in the power that created the universe, you will find out that you are supported always and in all ways. This trust in the power greater than you is what is needed for you to let go of the control over the outcome of your desires.

The loving intelligence that created you knows each one of your wholehearted desires, because she has put them in place and you are being guided every step along the way. Nevertheless, you have to set aside some time to be still and to learn to distinguish the voice of your heart from the voice of fear. Trust your feelings, because they are going to show you the truth behind your thoughts. Know that it is OK to take some time away from the chaos of the world and to listen to the only voice you should obey and that is a voice of love. Until we make loving ourselves, listening to the inner guidance and acting only from a place of integrity our priorities, the world is not going to change. You might have heard that you have to be the change you want to see in the world. To be more precise only you can be the change you want to see, because life is just reflecting back to you what you believe to be true for you.  Life is a mirror of your relationship with yourself. The universe can be supporting you in many ways, however, until you support yourself by thinking, speaking and acting in alignment with the truth of your being, you won´t be able to perceive it.

So let´s come back to the concept of letting go. With the realizations you have just read freshly in your mind think of the effort to achieve something as a resistance between what you want and what you don´t have. If you are afraid that you will never be where you want to be and that you will never experience what you want to experience, fear is the pattern you are thinking with. With fear as your companion you can never see things clearly. Fear is the opposite of sanity, an opposite of thinking with love, which is the only sane answer to any situation. I have good news and bad news wrapped all in one truth: The only tax you have to pay for your desires to come true is your own happiness. As terrible as it might sound to some of you, the only way to live the life you want is to be happy with the life you are living right now. Because to let go of the need for the desire to manifest, you have to be totally and utterly happy with who you are right now. And only when you allow yourself to experience your love and joy without any condition, you will be guided with the help of impulses, ideas and intuitive revelations toward the direction of people, things and places that will bring you even more love and joy. The world is what you believe it to be and it reflects back to you your inner state of being. So it is up to you to decide what kind of world you want to create. Is it going to be an illusion of fear or an extension of love?

The present moment and the ultimate manifestation

Chasing after what you want is not the way of living happily ever after. Living out who you truly are without any limiting thoughts or beliefs in every moment is. Desires serve us to experience love of our being in form. Your heart´s desires manifested is love knowing itself by its effects, because otherwise she is not visible to the physical eyes. Your power is only in the present moment. If you regret something that happened in the past or if you are anxious about the unfolding of some future events, your energy is scattered all over the place. In order to take your power back, you have to pay attention to what you are thinking and how you are feeling at the moment. Every present moment is unique and it is not going to repeat itself. Only when you are fully centered in the now, your work and presence of being have the power to open the field of infinite possibilities. Believe that life is unfolding perfectly in every moment and that each moment is taking you in the direction of your heart´s vision. Are you having fun now? Are you living in joy now? Who you are now is creating your future. When you don´t allow yourself to be in love with your Self and your life now, now and now, nothing and no one is going to fill the emptiness within your being. The emptiness you feel is there because you resist the present moment. Every moment has within it an unlimited potential for the expression of who you are, your love and the fearless creativity of the presence that is you. Waiting for the future means postponing your life, which is a reversal of sane thinking. It means that now is not good enough and that you are not good enough now.

It, however, does not mean that you cannot plan or prepare for the future moments. Nevertheless, keep in mind that future is only a mental construct and it always happens in the now. The anxiety or the joy that you experience about the future are feelings that you are feeling right now. So do whatever it takes to be happy now and what happens next has to match the inner state of your being. Do not give your power away to any past or future event, neither to any person, place or material object. Your presence exists beyond your body and you are the center of your universe. You don´t have to wait to be happy. Practice loving who you are, loving what you do and experience life supporting you wherever you go. The moment you feel whole and complete as you are, is the moment when the whole creation conspires to bring into existence what it has initially placed within your heart. And in it lies the magic of life. You are so dearly loved that you don´t have to care about how or when it is going to happen. Trust that the power that created you has much better timing than you do because it knows the hearts of everyone and it navigates the whole universe as we know it. Step out of its way and enjoy your life in the now connected to who you truly are, because that is the only thing you have agreed to do. Everything else will be revealed to you at the right time and in the right place through joyful ideas, exciting synchronicities and divinely orchestrated events. The question is: are you present enough to notice them?

We are all connected and no one is testing you

The last concept I am going to mention is the false premise of being “tested” by life/God. Your life is a reflection of your beliefs about yourself. You are projecting your beliefs about yourself unto God of your understanding. The loving force that created you loves and supports you unconditionally as you are now. It does not need you to be different to provide you with a next breath or to keep your heart beating. The only person that is “testing” you is you. When you start noticing your life with a greater interest, you might see that some situations or relationships keep repeating themselves. Your life is not testing you. Your life is loving you so much that it brings to you anything you hold strong beliefs about. If you believe that things are certain way, your mind reflected in the world is going to show you exactly what you want to see. When you start questioning your belief system, the mind is going to loosen its grip and one day you will finally see the world as it really is without your fearful stories. Until then, grace will meet you right where you are and it is going to show you who you are and who you are not. Eventually you will realize that even your worst enemy is here for you to bring you closer to your Self. Once you love yourself, you will see that life loved you all this time and it has brought to you nothing but angels. Every person that hurt you, underestimated you and that didn´t behave as they “should” have behaved, left it up to you to realize that your love is the only love that was meant to sustain you and that your heart is the only source of wisdom you are in need of here.

Let your joy be your guidance,


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