Many people think that life happens to them by default. Those are the people who are going to create their life by default without being aware of it. However, now I would like to speak directly to you and address the desires of your heart, because you are becoming aware of the fact that you really are the creator of your life experience. I believe we are here to be our true Selves, to be love in motion. What is a better way for love to express and experience herself than in a form of a human being? I would like to share with you some of the revelations I grasped as I started listening to the voice of my heart. My only wish for you is to become free of any fears or beliefs that are holding you back so we can manifest a new way of being, a new world.

Desire is an expression of the fullness of love

I believe profoundly that what you carry in your heart is of benefit for us all, because your wholehearted desires were set in place by the infinite intelligence in which everything is connected and which connects everything. This is the time when you are finally allowed to cherish your desires and to let them blossom without guilt, shame or fear. We were fighting against our own desires for such a long time and we were not successful at all. Now, we are here to receive them, acknowledge them and allow them to manifest in a way that will clearly show us the power of creation that is installed in our being from the beginning of time. Let´s not associate a desire with a feeling of emptiness and yearning. Instead let´s try to perceive a desire as love overflowing from the center of your heart and a will to receive a manifestation of what you have realized to be true for you within yourself. When you receive an undeniable pull to a direction that is meaningful to you, which for instance feels like receiving an exciting idea to create a work of art, a relationship, an experience, a career, an abundant lifestyle or an organization or business of a certain kind, you will know from now on what it means – the all-embracing loving force, which we are used to call God, wants to be expressed through you. Every wholehearted desire is to be celebrated, received with love and expressed without shame. You are so greatly loved and appreciated that the creative force of love decided to give you a unique expression in her masterfully orchestrated plan. She also gave you a free will and all the support you need in order to effortlessly carry out what you came here to be. Are you going to respond to her call?

The function of desire

The real meaning of a true desire is not to make you feel desperate, frustrated or fearful that you are never going to achieve it. The true desire in its purest form is love calling you home. It is love trying to show you the beauty of who you are and a power you were given and which you have not yet expressed fully. Every desire is there for you to know your Self better. It is a possibility to know and to express who you are in truth, who you are and who you have always been – a being of love and light. Your desire uses the force of your heart to break through the self-imposed barricades of fear. It is a pure reflection of the power love gives you from the beginning of creation. If we didn´t believe certain fearful thoughts, which we haven´t questioned yet, such as I am not good enough, there is not enough of everything for everyone, there is something wrong with me…, receiving a desire would be as easy and as joyful as breathing. However, when you know you would like to create something, but you don´t believe yourself to be capable, popular or smart enough, your life starts to become seemingly complicated and full of mental suffering – your head is a battlefield where your fearful thoughts are attacking the love creation holds for you and your thinking is not clear enough to see the reality of who you truly are.

The power of love is healing and magnetic

The great paradox is that before you love yourself unconditionally and before you trust the force governing this universe you don´t have great control over your life and your manifestations, however, when you start trusting your Self and God, you know you don´t have to have control over anything, because the whole universe supports you in thousands of ways every day and what comes to you is always there for you. When you want to exercise the power you were given to create a joyful loving experience, you have to set the one last missing piece in place and that is to allow yourself to experience the love for your Self. Not later when you are perfect, intelligent and an exact representation of the ideal you hold for yourself in your mind. Let all the ideals and idols fade in the presence of the love that is burning within your heart and for the first time in eternity allow yourself to experience your love. Your whole life you have been flowing this love to people and things outside of yourself, because you thought that would get you the approval you have been yearning for. Now is the time to see yourself as the loving force that created you sees you – as perfect, as worthy and as more than enough. You are so enough that your worth can´t be put into words, it can be only felt as a sweet embrace of the whole existence that is supporting you in every moment. Sit alone with your Self and experience, maybe for the first time in your life, that you don´t need anything or anyone to be loved and appreciated. Your love is what is going to heal you in the end. You are your truth, your power and your way, you just have to catch up with what your heart already knows.

If you are wondering why the manifestations have not found their way to you, yet, it is because until now you haven´t allowed yourself to receive them. The knowing that you are enough right now and that you deserve everything you have created together with God out of love is what is going to bring your heart´s desires directly to you. Now you know what you have been waiting for. You have made yourself wait because you didn´t love yourself unconditionally. And when you need any condition to love yourself, it won´t come about, because your lack of love for who you are without the condition makes you feel unworthy of the very thing you want. There is no one and nothing standing in your way except you. Love yourself so fully and completely that every condition is going to be burnt by the all-embracing presence of your love. Love yourself like the Creator loves you. Love yourself and nothing under the Sun can resist you. Your love is the secret key, the magic spell, the lost formula. 

Shift the perception and let the action flow

No matter what you have heard or believed so far, life IS supposed to be fun, joyful and happy expression of the truth of who you are. If you want to be free question every thought that opposes your desires. Life is going to reflect back to you what you hold as true for yourself. The people and circumstances in your life and the way you perceive them are a direct reflection of the thoughts you have started to believe along your physical existence. Remember that love gives only gifts. You don´t have to effort in order to receive what is already yours. The more you let go of who you think you should be, the more gifts you are going to receive, because you are the only one holding you back. The concept of efforting and working hard is not in alignment with the way your Creator sees you. When you have to work hard your thoughts, words and actions are not in alignment. However, when you become clear on who you truly are and you have no thoughts that would be contradicting your heart´s vision, action becomes so effortless and so fluid that it feels like an extension of your being and the effort is minimal. You have plenty of energy flowing through you and you feel joyful, blessed and privileged while expressing who you are through your actions. Your work becomes your art. Your relationships become who you are. Your life is who you are. When you embrace your Self fully there is no more a line you draw between your work and relationships, your private and public life. You simple are. You are whole. You are present wherever you go and with whomever you meet. When your mind is free, desire becomes simple knowing and your intuition – the feeling in your heart – is the basis for every action.

To be continued…

With love,

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