The truth about who you are

Now is the time to release all the guilt, all the fear and all the shame we have held against ourselves. There is no one in this world, who would judge you more harshly than how you have been judging yourself. And if you feel the need to judge anyone, it is only a projection of some aspect of you that you see and judge in them. Every judgment is an act against your own true nature. The more you resist anything, the more it is going to persist, because the very thing you fear has to be brought to your experience in order for you to realize that there is nothing to fear and that the all-embracing intelligence that created you is always – in all ways – supporting your wholehearted desire to know and express your Self. Our illnesses and our negative feelings are working hand in hand to show us what we have always known, but what we have forgotten when we came into this world. They remind us that we are all-powerful and our mind is always going to show us what we want to see. They remind us that love really is all there is and that even at the moment of the deepest despair, which we brought to ourselves only by ignoring our inner wisdom, there is no force betting against us except our own and that the whole universe is supporting our existence.

The fearful control we try to exercise over our lives is only limiting the miraculous possibilities waiting for us in the now. Is it so hard to believe that the loving intelligence that created you, knows your heart´s desires and knows exactly how to guide you towards them? The lack of love for ourselves is what makes it hard. The more we lean into the power of joy, love and happiness, the more effortless our lives become. The infinite power of the universe flows through you and it is your choice whether you join forces with love and whether you create her manifestations, which have the power to light up this world, or whether you project an illusion of fear that creates nothing at all. My darling friend, even if only for a week, but don´t be afraid to give your life over to love. Practice trusting the force that ensures your every breath and that gives you joyful ideas. Learn to trust your heart that keeps telling you that there is no gain in pain and that this is a time of creating from inside out. I know that within you there is a heart full of love and that this love is so powerful it can light up the whole world. The only prerequisite for this is to stop believing the old thought patterns that are gradually fading away as you give them less of your attention.

Here is what your heart holds true for you and what your mind is gradually catching up with. You will realize that these statements are the truth of who you are, thanks to the good feeling that fills your being as you allow these words to sink into your mind:

You are greatly loved and appreciated by the all-embracing intelligence that created life as we know it. There are legions of powerful universal forces working on your behalf day-in and day-out. You can´t be more worthy or more deserving of this support, because it is granted only by you being alive.

You can´t get anything wrong, because you are always at the right time in the right place, even if you are not aware of it consciously. There are no accidents in this world, only divinely synchronized events working for your highest good.

You are not responsible for other people´s happiness. This one is usually difficult to realize but you never were, you are not and you never will be responsible for other people´s happiness, not even for the happiness of your family members. You were given the power to create one life experience – your own one.

You will always know what to do when you become still enough and listen to your heart. You know that your approval is everything what is necessary in order to live the life that you are meant to live. You don´t have to wait for everyone else´s consent.

It is not through effort, but through joy that you will accomplish everything you came here to accomplish.

It is normal to know what to do. Doubting and second-guessing comes from the lack of clarity about who you are. You are a being of love and everything that is revealed to you through the wisdom of your heart is true and you don´t have to second guess it.

The intelligence, that created life, moons, stars and you, knows your heart better than anyone else and by allowing it to guide you, you will gain your whole life back. It guides you through the feelings of relief, joy, excitement and knowing, which are all stages of coming to know your Self. Your Self, the creative intelligence and love are one in eternity.

By being who you are, you allow love to flow freely into the world of manifestations. There is no greater gift you can give to yourself or others than being who love created you to be and that means to always seek meeting only the authority of your own heart. By being your true Self you liberate others to be their true Selves as well.

Your heart is the tool for the creation of a new world – a world of peace, love wisdom and knowing. Once you know who you truly are there is no one whom you could not meet with understanding, however, without doubting your own truth of being.

While making decisions about anything, consult nothing and no one, but your own inner wisdom – your own heart. You have the power to question everything you think and to accept only those thoughts that are aligned with the truth of who you are. This is how you stay connected to your inner wisdom.

If you sometimes don´t know how to be in the world, loving yourself is a good enough answer to every apparent question or confusion,

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