Are you connected?


Imagine for an instant that you have this one wonderful relationship in your life. The person we are talking about loves you unconditionally. They love you when you are happy and they love you the same when you are sad. They love the way you walk, they love the way you talk and they love you even when you are deeply asleep. They tell you nothing but beautiful things all day long. When you are not sure about yourself, they tell you that they believe in you, they love you and that you can be and do whatever it is you set your heart on. When you are mean, frustrated, discouraged, they never judge or condemn you. They praise you wherever they go, because they know your true heart and its desires. Wouldn´t it be amazing to be in such a relationship? If you are reading these words, it is because there is a human being in your life waiting for the moment you decide you are ready for this kind of relationship with them and that being is you.

What you have been looking for is your own Self, your own love. And when you connect with your Self everything else falls into place. Until then, you are going to hold everyone else hostage to your blame. You will expect from them what only you alone can give your Self and they will have to fall short every single time. And how to connect to your Self? What works for me is paying attention to my feelings, sitting still for a few moments every day and asking: What is it that I want? What is it that my heart wants? You will know what your heart wants by the relief or joy when the corresponding thought occurs to you. If you are for now too afraid to follow your heart everywhere, just allow yourself a couple of minutes every day to do what brings you joy. Allowing yourself to feel joy is the best way to know your Self and to strengthen the connection to your inner wisdom. Connection to your inner wisdom is not something unattainable or something you have to effort or work hard or achieve. Effort and hard work come from you not loving yourself and not listening to your core guiding you. Effort, striving and working hard is you proclaiming that you are not worthy of whatever it is your heart desires. That is a form of Self punishment. You are punishing yourself for not loving your Self.

However, I am not talking about action. One action aligned with an inner state of being that is coming out of love is more powerful than thousands of hours of hard work. When joy flows freely from the center of your being, you want to do what you love, you want to be of service and of value, but not because you have to, but because it IS who you ARE. Only you can imprison your Self. When you unmask your fear, you will see your own face looking back at you. You have been playing this old game all of your life, where you have been running away from fear, but if you stopped and looked back into its eyes, you would see your own reflection. Stop running and embrace your fearful self in love that created you. The only thing you are afraid of is not being loved. When you are connected to your own love, illusion of fear fades away and awareness of your own beauty and invincibility is what rests.

Your thoughts, feelings and knowing are powerful. All this time we have been using the power of mind against ourselves. I am willing to see a new world is all we have to say and the ancient spell of fear is broken. You are free. You are no longer a prisoner to your mind and the world you see. By loving yourself you recreate a fulfilling two-way communication with the source of your life that has loved you from the beginning of time. You literally recreate yourself anew. By refusing the old fear-based patterns of thinking and welcoming loving thoughts into your mental space, you are returned again to your natural state of being. Your connection to yourself is the support you have been looking for.

Your wisdom has the answers you have been searching for and your love for your Self is your savior, your truth and your way,


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