Celebrate your life now!


No matter where you are and no matter what you do, it is always worth it to practice falling in love with your life. Where you are is not an accident. It is the best possible place to be for you to realize who you are. What you do is not an accident. It is the best place to know your Self better. If you understood that what is in your heart is more real than the reality you see with your physical eyes, you would rejoice in the experience you are having right now, because you would know that whatever it is you want wholeheartedly is on its way to you. It is already yours, because it was revealed to your heart and by celebrating the successes you know are yours, the whole universe celebrates with you.

However, your life reflects the love you allow yourself to feel for your Self. It is in loving yourself that you allow the good-feeling experiences to become your everyday reality. Anything less than allowing the desires of your heart to flow effortlessly to you, is punishing yourself for believing fearful thoughts. In the state of forgiveness and acceptance of who you are in this moment, right now, the key to unlocking the infinite possibilities is yours. It is available to you through the love you feel for yourself and for the experiences you have created and are creating. You can´t medicate down, meditate down or suppress the fearful thoughts without them popping up somewhere in your experience, because as within so without.

“The world you see but shows you how much joy you have allowed yourself to see in you, and to accept as yours. And, if this is its meaning, then the power to give it joy must lie within you.”    ACIM

Love would never want you to suffer or struggle, only your fearful beliefs would. So once you had enough of suffering, struggling and efforting, it is time to get still, to stop listening to what everyone else has to say and start listening to your own inner wisdom. Everyone has an inner wisdom, which is a gift of God, a gift of love, and it is ours to be used. Your heart and your joy is your way. Joy is the way of bridging the heaven and the earth. Joy can´t be overused or misused, it can only be shared and in sharing your joy, you will set everyone else free. When you start celebrating your life instead of condemning it, you lean into the power of love, joy and inner wisdom, but first you have to realize that it is OK to take time to be in your heart. It really is OK to take time to create yourself anew, to shift your focus on who YOU are. You are powerful. You ARE the power and you have the ability to focus the power of love to create the life you deserve.

So, now, the question is, do you think you deserve a good, joyful and abundant life? Do you believe that you are worthy of your heart´s desire?  Do you accept and love yourself enough to take your power back and to live your truth? If not, does your heart tell you that or the fearful beliefs you embraced as your truth even though they are the exact opposite of who you are? God gave you the power to create as love creates – in joy, beauty and with abundance. You become unstoppable when you claim this power back.

Let´s take time today and every day to celebrate what is unfolding in this moment, right now. By letting go of thoughts of fear, unworthiness and lack we are stepping into a holy moment. In the holy moment, love touches the earth and everything is being transformed by the power that creates the worlds. Nothing is left unchanged and everything is glowing in the eternal embrace of love. There is nothing for us to do, except of holding the vision of a new world – one of peace, happiness and abundance in our hearts, because it is there, in the center of our own being, where our power lies. By surrendering our fears we open up a space for miracles to come and flood all lives.

I am no longer separate from God or from life. I am the creator and the experience itself. I love myself and allow myself to experience all that I have created out of love. There is nothing to fear, because fear does not create, it only projects illusions. As I take care of my inner state of being, the outer world has to shift accordingly. The more I embrace the love for my Self and for God that dwells in every being, the more good I allow to come to me as an expression of who I am. Because I know that I am a part of God and that God is everywhere and in everything, there is nothing separate from me and as my perspective changes, the world is going to change with me. I am loved, valued and taken care of by the infinite power of love that connects everything and everyone. I have decided to focus on loving myself and my creations as much as the power that created me loves me.  There is nothing in this world that can´t be moved by the power emanating from my heart – from my connection to who I AM. I claim my God-given power back. I am willing to see what I created and I am open to love showing me how good life can be when I stop denying my power.

And so I celebrate this wholly new moment in time. Now, I feel all the seemingly solid barriers, standing in the way of my power, collapsing under the weight of the truth of who I am. I celebrate my heart and its clear vision. I celebrate the love for my Self that I have reclaimed. And I celebrate the unfolding of a new life, a life that will be my conscious creation in love. And so it is.


I want you to know that happiness is your birthright and you don´t have to feel guilty for reclaiming your time in order to create yourself anew. This is your life and only you choose how you want to live it,

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