The truth is that you are doing so much better than you allow yourself to think. If you looked on all the mistakes and all the regrets you are still holding against yourself, you would see that they only brought you closer to your heart. And, now, when you came to know your heart, it is time to fly. Time to fly effortlessly without any shame or regrets. Nevertheless, I know that it is not flying you are afraid of, but it is falling you fear. Your guilt and shame towards yourself are sometimes so heavy that they pull you back down leaving you without no hope that you could still be worthy of flying towards who you know you are. However, today we are finally going to fly over the dark clouds of illusions, false beliefs and lies, where the eternal Sun always shines.

The only thing you were guilty of was believing your fearful thoughts. You wouldn´t manipulate, hurt or betray anyone else or your Self, if it was not because you believed in lack of love, lack of appreciation or lack of abundance. Look at all the false premises, you still hold precious: I am not worthy of happiness, I am unforgivable, I am not lovable, I am inacceptable, nothing good can ever happen to me, I am weak, I don´t have power over my life, I am not enough, I should be more successful, I am hopeless… and ask love that created you to take care of them. There is nothing for you to do, just sit with your eyes closed and allow the infinite love that sustains you and provides you with every new breath to show you the way of light, peace and happiness. You don´t need to better yourself, to effort or to work hard. Your joy is already yours, your peace is waiting for you – you only have to allow it and to accept it, so you can be shown your true power, your true nature, and your true love.

Love accepts you fully as you are. Not as you think you should be, but as you are, right now. I hope that these words will reach your heart and help YOU to accept YOURSELF as you are. Stop listening to the lies you are replaying in your mind and let your attention focus on the wisdom within your heart. What does it want to tell you? Does it judge you? Does it condemn you? Or does it simply welcome you back home? Surrender your fears and let love show you the way to infinite peace and knowing. When you tap into your true power, you don´t have to guess, you don´t have to ask, because you receive answer after answer and revelation after revelation. Love is certainty.

When you accept yourself, thoughts like I am not worthy or deserving of joy and love are no longer going to make sense to you. If they come, your feelings are going to show you, if what you think is in alignment with who you are. And they will naturally leave your mind as you start receiving the true thoughts of your heart. Once you know in your heart that you are a part of creation and everlasting love, you can no longer make yourself believe that you should suffer and effort and strive to earn your place. You ARE an inseparable part of the universe; more precisely you are the universe itself. There is no point in striving to get what is already yours. You only have to welcome it with your arms and your heart wide open, otherwise you won´t be able to see it.

Love will show you how to accept yourself. Eventually, you will transcend the fear and the suffering and the sickness you are resisting right now. But for now, you are called to accept it all. You can´t transcend something you haven´t accepted as a part of who you are, a part of who you were. Accept your anger, accept your fear, accept your disgust and your pain. Let the all-embracing presence of love flow around them and through them. Let your feelings flow from the sacred space of your heart, so they may heal what needs to be healed and so they may show you what you need to know. Don´t resist, only allow and observe. Feel how you are being renewed in the space that is opening inside of you. The suppressed feelings are being released one by one and a new space is emerging where you are allowed to know your Self better. To know God. To know love fully. When you open yourself to an infinite stream of light and knowing, you have opened yourself to all possibilities. You are now free.  Free to be. Free to express what you have found in your heart and in your freedom the world is freed as well.

Now, you are ready to fly,

A Miracle Workbook

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