Others have no power over you: Claim the power over your own life


You are a creator. You are choosing your priorities and, surprisingly, you are choosing your belief system, as well. When your beliefs reflect who you truly are, nothing in this world can touch or steal your joy. Nothing can stop the miracles you bring forth into this world and the blessings from entering your life. No one has power over your own life. You can give other people and their beliefs power, but they can´t take it without your permission. When you are feeling upset, anxious or fearful, ask yourself: to whom did I give my power? You are in your power when you are one with God/ truth/ love. You give your power away when you believe the voice of fear speaking through your fearful thoughts and other people´s opinions to direct your life. They have no right to tell you what your truth is, because they don´t know your truth. Fear has no power in your life unless you believe its prophecies. Your truth is your joy, your way and your fulfillment. Believe in the truth of love and you have your own power back. Choose to listen to the thoughts coming from the center of your heart and you are all-powerful. Know who you are and you cannot be lost in the opinions others have about you. Know your truth and then be it.

Don´t let other people´s views of the world overshadow your joy

Your joy comes from knowing who you truly are and from the connection to your Self and the God of your understanding – from your relationship with love. Anxious thought patterns have no power over your heart. Depression is not who you are. You don´t have to give into the opinions of others. Anchor your compass in the truth radiating from the center of your being, because only your truth can point you to the direction of your true Self. Not the truth as the others see it, and not the truth as they broadcast it in the news. Not the truth that your parents believe. You were given the truth of God reminding you of who you are. This truth is installed in the most sacred, innocent and untouchable place – right at the altar of your own heart. It is there for you so you can receive it, embrace it and live it out. Just listen! Make time and listen! Believe me when I say that there is nothing more important in this world and nothing more precious can be offered to you and others than your own truth.

When others share their opinions with you, listen to them with respect, because it is a piece of their mind, a piece of their inner world, they are sharing with you. But if you don´t feel at peace with what they had to say, bring those ideas to the altar in your heart and may your love shine its light onto those thoughts until the only thing you are willing to see is the truth. This altar of truth is protected day in and day out by the Source of life and it is kept pure and indestructible for the moment you start becoming aware of it. It is waiting for the day when you realize that there is no higher authority than the voice of your heart. It is kept safe for the day when you understand that all of the love you have been searching for was with you all this time. It is there waiting for your slightest command so the power of creation through love can be unleashed and you can live a life of joy once you have come to know this truth.

Own your own thoughts

Forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for letting the ancient thought patterns cloud your true vision. Forgive yourself for believing in lies. Forgive yourself for making your soul suffer and for causing you anxiety. You didn´t know better. What you did was the best you knew to do. What you believed was all you knew existed. Stop holding yourself hostage to the regrets, guilt, and blame.

As you read these words I ask your heart to speak to you. As you continue reading, your truth is going to be revealed to your mind. The power has just now returned to you. You are a creator and you are a being of light. You are worthy and you are enough. You deserve only the gifts God has in store for you. You were not born as a slave to this world. There were no limits set on your heart when you came here. Nothing can contain the truth and love of your heart. So may your being explode with light and may you be set free. Free from fear. Free from lack. Free from the abuse you caused yourself by believing in the thoughts that had nothing to do with who you truly are. Now is the time to create a new life and a new earth, a new reality – one that is going to reflect who you truly are.

And so we rise. We rise above the limitations of the world we for so long thought was our home, only to find out that we have carried our home in our hearts. Allow yourself to feel the feelings of sadness, anger, and frustration that are surfacing from the years of abuse you suffered under the reign of your savage mind. Now, you are coming home and your truth shines brightly from the altar in your heart. Your mind will fulfill your wishes and its power is going to be used for the execution of your wholehearted desires. The mind is your servant, not your ruler. Write down carefully every thought of fear, lack, and insanity. Every thought that told you: you are not enough, you are ugly, you are not valuable, you are not worthy, you are not smart, you can´t be healthy or powerful, has to be questioned and brought for reconciliation to the authority of your heart. Close your eyes and ask your Self whether these thoughts are true for you. And for YOU only.

You are worthy and beautiful. You are all-powerful. This is the truth. Take the power you have invested in fear and invest it in love instead, your life has to shift as a result of this. It is a law. Write it down a million times if that is what it takes for you to believe it, but never ever again let those prehistoric lies find a cozy place in your mind. Question them one by one and reach beyond them to the center of your heart. They will disappear in the all-embracing love. Your soul is renewed now as the outer conditions have shifted to reflect the change that has taken place in your heart. May love reign again and may the joy you experience be so profound that the ground shifts beneath you.


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