Give up the struggle


The essence of the universe is goodness, joy, natural flow and eternal creation of love. You are a part of the universe; therefore, your true nature is goodness, joy and freedom of creation. When we observe the nature, we can see that everything flows easily, flowers blossom abundantly when the time is right and every single being occupies its place in the divine order of things. We as human beings are a part of this universal harmony. However, there is a difference between you and a flower. The flower is always being the beauty and the innocence that it is, because it doesn´t have a choice of not expressing its essence. On the other hand, you, you do have a choice. Love, which created you, gave you a free will. You can either create as your Creator does – with beauty, love and joy; freely and without limits – or you can choose to create with fear – and that means to create nothing at all. However, when we look through the eyes of illusion, the effects of fear seem to be very real. Where fear is the cause, anxiety, hopelessness and suffering are the effects.

Change the cause

Fear is the cause of suffering. Love is the cause of joy, peace and clarity. Which one will you choose? Every time we choose fear, we see a world, where the resources are scarce, and a world, where we have to fight in order to survive. A world, where when something is given, a price has to be paid, and a world, where nothing is for free and everything is limited. Fear is going to show us a world, where we are not worthy neither are we deserving. A world, where we are alone and separated from other beings and a world, where anxiety is a normal part of our lives and where suffering is not an option.

Choose love instead and you will see a world where every thing is connected through the eternal all-embracing presence of God. Choose love and see the world where the more you give, the more you receive, and a world, where there is enough of everything and where the supply is already there before the need arises. With love as your guide you will see a world of beauty, joy and goodness. A world where there is a divine order in everything and where you are loved and treasured, because you are one with the cause of this world – one with love. See the world where stars and the Sun are shining for you and where the birds sing a song of thanksgiving for the creation itself.

Look at fear with clarity and it has to disappear

Often times we are not afraid of how badly the things could turn out, because then at least, we could say – see this is what happens when I set my hopes too high or nothing good can ever happen to me. But what would you do in a case your life turned out to be good? What if you lived in abundance, love and joy? What would you then do with all the thoughts constantly reminding you, that you don´t deserve love neither happiness nor freedom and that you are not worthy because you are an imposter in your own life? In this case the easiest way would be to sabotage your own happiness by believing that it is not real and by believing that it won´t last forever.

But this time it is different. Now, is the time when we are standing together in light. Our vision of the heaven on earth is burning brightly in our hearts and this time we are not going to give into our fears. We are going to look at them and we will see them evaporating one by one in the embrace of our love for life, creation and goodness of God. We will see clearly that all fears we had, were misguided thoughts and since we have created them we have also the power over them. We have created them, so we have the power to uncreate them. Only a small willingness to let the fear disappear is necessary – to stop holding onto it and to walk toward the eternal Sun in our soul, instead.

Your world changes as you change

What holds you back from living the vision of your heart, is the lack of belief in the idea that you actually can. A Course in Miracles says that there are no neutral thoughts. We either think thoughts based on love or thoughts based on fear. The belief system, which is considered to be “normal” in the vast majority of the world, is a belief system based on fear. Look within your heart and respond honestly to the following questions: Do you believe that it is “normal” to live in a state of constant anxiety? Do you consider it to be “normal” to measure the worth of a human being based on monetary value? Do you accept a life, where you are separated from others and your thoughts and actions don´t affect them, as “normal”? If you are really willing to listen to your heart, then it will tell you that it is not “normal” to believe in a thought system that puts money above love, success above joy and productivity above integrity.

If you feel you want to change your life, but you don´t know how, start by questioning your current belief system. And you don´t have to do it on your own. Life is working in miraculous ways and your slightest willingness is going to open you doors that you have never dreamed about. Ask for guidance with your whole heart and the means and the way are provided. Be willing to see things differently and the realizations are on the way. Give up the struggle and the way of love is offered to you. The best part of it is that no one else needs to change before you do, and after you have changed everyone else does so, as well, for you will see us as you see yourself and you will judge us according to what you hold dear to your heart. When your heart is filled with love your judgment has to cease and we will be liberated to be who we are. If you still want to keep fear as your guide, you can´t stop judging us, but our faults will be only your judgment reflected back to you.

You don´t need to improve or better yourself, you don´t need to add to yourself neither do you need someone to tell you how to live your life. It is your innermost wisdom that is going to guide you from now on. The only thing you need is your willingness to put aside everything you thought was true and to be open to receive the guidance from the love that abides in your heart and that is who you truly are. Believe you are worthy and the world will reflect it back to you. Believe you are a being of love and you will be supported every step along the way. Believe we are all connected and you won´t meet a stranger anymore. Believe a world to be a beautiful place and your beauty will be what you see in others. Believe you are powerful when connected to your true nature and there is nothing in this world that would stop you.

Love that created you has never stopped believing in you, are you going to believe in her?

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